Top 5 Best Superhero Games For kids on play store.

No matter whats your age, superheroes will still be a fav charter in movies. we tend to grow up reading concerning them in comic books and desirous to be them as youngsters, and currently, we will watch them on the big screen and wield their awing talents in video games. that leads us to the list of some brilliant games for kids.

1: Superhero

•Explore the big city with plenty of enemies – fight with gangsters and future robots•Complete different quests and unlock achievements – not only fighting with bad guys but also crazy races!•Spend rewards in the shop – buy new clothes, weapons or new skills. Add yourself the super rope or mega kick!Epic game with the certified superhero!There is a lot of crimes in the city and people need a real avenger. Bring your flying justice to the streets!Train your grand human to the best to defeat of local gangs and angry armored robots. Good guys die last, make it true!Be the man, be incredible, be the hero today! Start an amazing adventure with our games!

2: Naxeex Superhero

All the superpowers combined in a single hero!Flight, eye lasers, entangling rope, superkick, and all the others!Giant robots as fearsome enemy forces.Stand once again on the guard of helpless citizens.Ultra hero and the only hope of humanity.Use your superpowers combined to fight off the endless waves of steel creatures.Besides, the superpowers use all kinds of weaponry.Special damage type of heavy guns will help you one-shot toughest bots!Why be super when you can be ultra

3: Real Light speed Super Hero 2019 – Action Game

Play the most exciting super heroes action game of the year with a light speed hero. The flash speed man will run with the speed of light to capture and kill the gangsters trying to kill the innocent peoples. Start the fight with the criminals and rescue people from the gangsters.Super speed hero action game for kids possesses the powers of wall-running, building climbing, tornado speed smashing, flying super hero powers and fast running as the fastest man alive in this best crime simulator of Miami crime city. This fighting game for kids entertain you with the high voltage action drama while fighting with the criminals.

4: Super Light Speed Hero City Rescue Mission

The city has been invaded by monster evils and gangsters! The Light speed superhero has arisen from the deep black sky to help and rescue in strange war conditions. In Super Light Speed Hero City Rescue Mission and survival game, your grand light hero with modern light power has to defeat these supervillains who have mutant powers. Speed superhero in strange war has just started with future mortal battle. Use your speed of light running and superhuman powers in this future battle and start city rescue missions. Your mutant powered enemies are mortal and your strength is unlimited. Superhero games 2019 were never been so amazing. A super strange war hero is ready for crime battle

5: Flying Super Hero Captain US City Rescue Mission

Let’s Play Flying Super Hero Captain US City Rescue MissionZeemator would like to welcome you to our Flying Super Hero Captain US City Rescue Mission simulation game. Flying Super Hero Captain US City Rescue Mission is especially for superheroes lover’s fans who want to save the worldfrom monsters and immortals. 

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Written by Mahran nadeem

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