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Delicious game series developed by Zylom Studios and subsequently bought by Gamehouse Studios and is time management. The games depict the narrative of Emily working in different hotels and restaurants to earn the money she needs to pursue her dreams. To learn more, try this useful site. Delicious games are well-liked games that have garnered rave reviews worldwide.

Delicious 1: Special Winter Edition game [3.5 Stars]

Launched: 21st September 2006. The participants were primarily challenged to run eight restaurants over five days successfully. Instead of focusing on the gameplay, this original game didn’t have much plot. Games with great graphics and competitiveness drew a large number of fans. It was chosen as the best casual game of 2006 in 2007.

Delicious 2: Jakko Van Hunene [3.5 Stars] 

Launched: June 29, 2007. The second game was released with new features, such as options for the player to decorate the restaurant however they want, to put items on their plate ahead of time rather than only directly at the time that the items were ordered by a customer, and the inclusion of trophies along with a storyline with cutscenes. The game contained five 10-day restaurants to play through, instead of the eight 5-day ones available in the first game of the series.

The main focus of the game is Emily is asked by her Uncle Antonio to help him in his restaurants when his son Marcello runs off and leaves him to run the restaurants by himself.

Delicious 3: Emily’s Tea Garden [3.5 Stars]

Launched: 24th September 2008. It offers better features than the original. This had five restaurants where you could work for ten days instead of eight hotels where you could work for five days. The only differences are that there is a broader choice of dishes. There is also a minigame in the third. Plot: Emily’s desire to realize her goal of running a tea garden. Her Uncle Antonio connects her with his friend’s restaurant. While working, she received multiple referrals and worked for three restaurants, where she ultimately obtained the funds to create her tea garden.

Delicious 4: Emily’s Taste Of Fame [4.5 Stars]

Launched: 3rd June 2009. The game contained a cast of more than thirty people, making it the only game in the world with the most talking characters. Plot: Emily has been allowed to host her cookery show event on a television channel. Her car breaks down on the way. As a result, she went hunting to find a mechanic to fix it. During the search for a mechanic, Emily found herself assisting others experiencing difficulties and needing assistance. It was nominated in Game House Great Games Wards in 2010 and various other awards. It won the top time management game.

Delicious 5: Emily’s Holiday Season [4 Stars]

Launched: 8th November in the year 2009. The story of Emily’s Holiday Season is about Emily, who settled in Snuggford, where she spent her holiday with her family and friends. She meets two handsome men, Paul and Richard, and develops feelings for both. Emily was in the dilemma of choosing one of the two to make him her boyfriend. Emily was also facing problems from his family and friend.

Delicious 6: Emily’s Childhood memories

Launched on 3rd February 2011. In the game, Emily, the main character, returns to the house where she was raised since her parents intend to sell it. She stays with her parents, her sister Angela, and her friend Francois. The gang was having a fantastic time reminiscing about all that had occurred to them in their early lives. Emily also reminded Francois of how they met and began their love. This game got several awards and also had six upgrades over time.

Delicious 7: Emily’s True Love [5 Stars]

Launched: 2011 on 30th November. This new game takes place a year after Emily has successfully launched her hotel and is operating it well. She receives a love letter, which confuses her. Emily chose to go across the world searching for her true love, but while she travels, she continues to assist others at their restaurants and hotels. The game also had a special edition and ten bonus levels.

Delicious 8: Emily’s Wonder Wedding

Launched: 29th June 2012. Emily is marrying Patrick, and during the ceremony, Patrick’s mother and his ex-girlfriend show up and cause unrest. The first game to launch had 25 episodes and more than 40 levels in each. A special edition was also released.

Delicious 9: Emily’s Honeymoon Cruise

Launched: 26th September 2013. This was also divided into episodes. Emily and her husband Patrick are on a cruise for their honeymoon. Patrick expresses his desire to have children with Emily, but Emily is not ready. While remaining aboard the ship, the two realized that the entire family was assisting with the vacation. A premium version had also released.

Delicious 10: Emily’s New Beginning

Launched: 2014. It was initially exclusively available to Zylom and Gashouse customers. Later, non-subscribers were able to play the game as well. Emily and Patrick have been gifted with a newborn daughter in this game. Paige is the name of the girl. Emily sees this as a challenge because she wants to start her restaurant. The game focuses on Emily’s anxieties about managing her profession and her roles as a wife and mother.

Delicious 11: Emily’s Home Sweet Home

Launched: 4th June 2015. Initially, it also is played only by Zylom and Gamehouse subscribers. Later it was found for non- subscribers. Patrick and Emily have acquired a beautiful home to raise their family in, but not all is as it appears. Paige becomes the best friend of Grace, a neighbor’s youngster. Grace is involved in an accident while at Emily’s house, and her mother forbids her from returning.

Delicious 12: Emily’s Hopes and Fears.

Launched: 18th November 2015. Allison Heart is also a character in the film. Allison appears in several well-known Gamehouse games, including Heart’s Medicine’s medical drama. The setting of this game is that Paige is unwell and suffering from an unknown ailment. Patrick discovers a flower that he believes would heal the sickness that her daughter is suffering from.

The series got great praise and reviews from casual game critics and gamers, such as Gamezebo, which gave the seventh game, Emily’s True Love, a top 5/5 star overall rating.

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