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50+ SaaS Startup Companies & Products to Watch Out in 2019

1. 9Lenses


Categories: Business Intelligence, Enterprise Software

Founder: Edwin Miller

Funding: Self-funded

9Lenses is a saas startup based powerful digital diagnostic tool that facilitates business consultants to prosper is a largely data-driven marketplace. It is an efficient platform that enables business organizations to manage large amounts of information to deliver results.

2. Abydos Technologies


Categories: Campus management software

Founder: Farman Niaz, Naushad Ahmed

Funding: Self-funded

Abydos Technologies is an advanced campus administration and management solution that enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of an academic institute. It is a comprehensive solution with many robust features.

3. Accelo


Categories: Enterprise Software

Funding: $11,000,000

Founder: Christine Higgins, Eamonn Bell, Glenn Fowler, Hugh Cowling

Dynamic saas startup based enterprise software has completely automated professional services operate in the cloud. It has a number of robust features that help to make organizational processes automated and enhances productivity levels.

4. Aeroleads


Category:  Sales Automation

Founder: Pushkar Gaikwad

Funding: N/A

A popular lead generation and lead mining platform which is extremely useful in getting business leads from Google, Yahoo, Yellow Pages, Craiglist, Twitter, Merchant Circle. It can be used to send emails also.

5. Appcues


Categories: SaaS Software

Founder: Jackson Noel, Jonathan Kim

Funding: $3,700,000

A user-friendly saas startup based product that designs beautiful and effective guided product tours. These are a great way to improve usability and engagement through unique interactive tutorials.

6. piHappiness


Categories: Customer Feedback Software

Founder: Ravi Pilagala

Funding: Self-funded

piHappiness is a powerful Feedback & Survey Software and a comprehensive platform to create and manage content-rich structured feedback & surveys which act as a conversation with your target audience.

7. Applane Solutions


Categories: CRM Software

Founder: Daffodil and Autoload

Funding: Self-funded

It helps business enterprises and academic institutions to upsurge efficiency and performance through unified process automation and control. It delivers value to their customers by assisting them with automation and streamlines their processes with a strong feature base.

8. Bettercloud


Categories: Artificial Intelligence, Management and Security

Founder: David Politis

Funding: $46,850,000

Comprehensive is a saas startup based management tool, empowering IT to manage and control best-in-breed SaaS application environments. It centralizes data and controls, surface operational intelligence, and manages integrated actions across SaaS applications.



Categories: Business Intelligence

Founder: Mike Nugent, Patrik Jonsson, Rasmus Goksor

Funding: $4,335,000

A business intelligence tool that has two diverse products. – Cobalt GP and Cobalt LP. Cobalt GP aids the fund managers to service clients through features such as custom analysis, automated reporting facilities, and powerful visualization options. Cobalt LP supports institutional investors like Hamilton Lane to manage capital flows in portfolios, and report effectively  on portfolio performance.

10. Boomtrain


Categories: SaaS Software

Founder: Christian Monberg, Nick Edwards

Funding: $14,766,279

Boomtrain is a saas startup artificial intelligence organization that powered marketing forum relevant interactions facilitates with users in an effective manner, thereby increasing engagement, user- retention, and LTV.

11. BreatheHR


Categories: Human Resources

Founder: Gareth Burrows, Jonathan Richards

Funding: Self-funded

A market leader in the field of human resources software. Its products assist clients to consolidate information, manage absence, increase performance, and unify documents.

12. Bright Pattern


Categories: Enterprise Software

Founder: Erhan Cakmak, Konstantin Kishinsky

Funding: $9,500,000

Bright Pattern allows a fast set-up, a user-friendly interface, and state-of-the-art capabilities, channels, integrations, and reliability with a contact center solution. With the highest level of consumer service and support facilities, this saas startup software can escalate your bottom line software.

13. Brightfunnel


Categories:  Enterprise Software

Founder: Nadim Hossain, Nisheeth Ranjan, Ranjan Bagchi

Funding: $8,948,000

A revolutionary predictive intelligence software for B2B marketers that can handle attribution, forecasting & benchmarking.

14. CallHippo

Website: CallHippo

Categories: Virtual Phone number system

Founder: Ankit Dudhwewala

Funding: Self-funded

CallHippo is a popular SaaS startup company, it is a virtual phone solution designed for all the type of business. It helps them to buy local support numbers from over 50+ countries around the world.

15. Canvass


Categories:  Online Marketing Software

Founder: Rahul Lakhani, Ankur Nandu

Funding: Self-funded

A diverse tool that is all-in-one holistic marketing software for businesses. It helps businesses increase the quality of lead generation, lead nurturing, marketing intelligence, and marketing automation.

16. Chorus


Categories: Sales Automation

Founder: Micha Y. Breakstone, Roy Raanani

Funding: $22,300,000

Chorus is supportive saas startup software that delivers conversation intelligence to different sales teams.

17. Clearbit


Categories: Business Intelligence

Founder: Alex MacCaw, Harlow Ward, Rob Holland

Funding: $2,000,000

A business intelligence software that is a great solution for businesses dealing with big data. Its basic objective is to streamline data as part of sales, marketing and product workflow operations.

18. Cognitev


Categories:  AI, eCommerce

Founder: Ahmed Hassan, Moustafa Mahmoud

Funding: $1,750,000

A pioneer semantic saas startup based marketing tool that optimizes business performance – Cognitive is an artificially powered intelligence platform that ensures that data-driven organizational processes are smoothly streamlined.

19. CompStak


Categories: Real Estate Software

Founder: Michael Mandel, Vadim Belobrovka

Funding: $21,890,000

A functional crowdfunded model – CompStak gathers comprehensive real estate information for all the stakeholders in the organization such as property investors, middlemen or brokers, asset managers and appraisers.

20. CoSchedule


Categories: Productivity Tools

Founder: Garrett Moon, Justin Walsh

Funding: $2,500,000

A world-class content marketing and editorial calendar forum CoSchedule is a hugely popular application with a massive user base of more than 7,000 customers worldwide. A fast-growing saas startup which operates from two offices – Bismarck and Fargo, CoSchedule can organize, store and promote your content in an effective manner.

21. CRMfusion


Categories:  Data Mining, Enterprise Software, Sales Automation

Founder: Mike Kappel

Funding: Self funded

A highly transformational sales automation software that is utilized by a gigantic user base to handle organizational data cleansing requirements. It has a minimalist interface with a number of advanced features to increase overall bottom line results.

22. Cubito


Categories: Information Technology

Founder: Pranay Agrawal, Yash Patodia

Funding: Self-funded

A fast growing saas startup logistics management company which supports a wide range of premium blue chip companies. It has functional capabilities to streamline the logistic operations of organizations in an effective manner.

23. Desktime


Categories: SaaS Software

Founder: Sam Rosen

Funding: Self-funded

A real-time management software – Desktime is a comprehensive solution for a diverse range of activities such as checking time-wasting activities, identifying deviant employee behavior and scheduling time limits for project operations.

24. DialSource


Categories: Sales Automation

Founder: Joshua Tillman

Funding: $5,000,000

A perfect saas startup solution that can accelerate, manage and consolidate the entire sales or service cycle of your organization. It is greatly customizable to suit organizational requirements and empowers a single agent to gain the reach of a multi-person call center.

25. Docurated


Categories: Software

Founder: Alex Gorbansky, Ed Federbush, Irene Tserkovny, Mike Patterson, Ryan Cooke

Funding: $5,350,000

Docurated is a cloud-based solution that manages an organization’s complete content management requirements. It handles all your documents, files and paperwork, helping customers attain more economic value out of existing storage requirements.

26. DoubleSpring


Categories: Collaboration, Enterprise Software

Founder: Shuhaib Shariff

Funding: Self-funded

A specialist in web development using Django DoubleSpring offers agile development, and is strong in many areas of the web right from operations, infrastructure to design and development.

27. Easy Projects


Categories: Project Management, Task Management

Founder: Duane Jackson, Suresh Sambandam

Funding: Self-funded

A web 2.0 AJAX-based project management software that was developed in 2003, Easy Projects .NET has a number of advanced features that can help organizations collaborate on information storage, manage absence, enhance productivity and consolidate documents. It has a built-in time tracking system and time sheets, issue tracking, client request tracking, collaborative Gantt charts and real-time conferencing facilities. It is available as an in-house or SaaS solution.



Categories: Education Management software

Founder: Tony Murphy

Funding: Self-funded

A state-of-the-art saas startup school management software that can manage a student’s complete academic administration – right from primary schooling to graduation. It has modules to manage all major stakeholders of education institutions- parents, students and faculty members.

29. Elucify


Categories: Lead Generation Tool

Founder: Gerald Fong, Mihir Deo, Naveen Krishnamurthi

Funding: $120,000

Pioneering lead generation software – Elucify is the perfect tool to provide a large base of targeted sales leads to your business organization. It can have a magnifying effect on your outbound efforts instantly by increasing the overall number of free leads to a large extent.

30. Expensebot


Categories: Enterprise Software,  Financial Services

Founder: Ed Buchholz, John Siladie

Funding: $1,433,000

It helps users to create and get fully reimbursed for expense sheets in a quick, functional and efficient manner. It is a top-notch expense saas startup management product with a hard-working team of professionals and it can help any organization fully manage their expense requirements.

31. Exponea


Categories: SAAS Software

Founder: Jozo Kovac

Funding: €10,000,000

An exceptional cloud-based platform for marketing orientation – Exponea can bring a host of benefits for any business organization such as direct execution and speedier result delivery. It is a combination of system analytics and user engagement automation that aids in accurate predictions and leads to better customer experiences.

32. Foradian


Categories: ERP

Founder: Abdulla Hisham

Funding:  $2,000,000

A privately held ERP saas startup software platform – Foradian is a perfect solution for educational institutions. An open source school management software that handles all your school administration requirements, Foradian can bring a host of benefits to any institution.

33. GitPrime


Categories: Enterprise Software

Founder: Ben Thompson, Travis Kimmel

Funding:  $2,037,330

GitPrime is a world class enterprise software that can analyze a team’s codebase to quantify the entire engineering processes. It can largely automate workflow processes and enhance the overall productivity levels of any business organization – thereby enhancing the overall bottom line results.

34. Gong


Categories: Artificial Intelligence, CRM, Sales

Founder: Amit Bendov, Eilon Reshef

Funding: $26,000,000

An artificial intelligence saas startup powered software for sales teams that have the ability to record, transcribe and completely analyze sales interactions.  It is a complete sales conversation intelligence that can track an organization’s entire customer interaction activity.

35. Hallwaze


Categories: Collaboration, Enterprise Software

Founder: Saif Ahmad

Funding:  Self-funded

Hallwaze is a social communication cloud-based software that is user-friendly, has a simplistic interface and streamlines organizational business communication. It helps teams collaborate better and makes communication more interactive – thereby enhancing business efficiency.

36. Insightpool


Categories: Marketing Automation, Social Media Marketing

Founder: Adam Lewites, Adam Wexler

Funding:  $7,500,000

This is a leading market automation saas startup based software that can help any organization extend its social reach dramatically. It has the ability to identify, capture and engage prospects, influencers and customers, thus helping a company achieve its social key performance indicators and enhancing bottom line profits.

37. IntelligenceBank


Categories: Enterprise Software, Risk Management

Founder: Tessa Court

Funding:  $2,000,000

A privately owned business process management company that helps organizations streamline their business operations that are centered around data consolidation. It is a great tool that can help any organization reduce operational risk to a large extent.

38. Itembase


Categories: Online Inventory

Founder: Moritz Fichtner, Niels Boon, Ramo Karahasan, Stefan Jørgensen

Funding:  Self-funded

A revolutionary platform that provides saas startup based software for their clients and consumers – Itembase has many innovative features to offer. It functions as a comprehensive online shopping manager that unifies important information such as receipts, guarantees, warranties and instruction manuals in one place. It also has the ability to help consumers with post-purchase support by providing timely alerts for different purposes.

39. Iterable


Categories: Enterprise Software

Founder: Andrew Boni, Justin Zhu

Funding:  $32,200,000

Iterable workflow studio is a functional platform for growth marketers to automate workflow processes, build customer segments, and test market strategies effectively. It is compatible with all message forms and can work with emails, direct SMS, web push, in-app, and social mail.

40. Jumpcloud


Categories: Enterprise Software, Information Technology

Founder: David Campbell, Rajat Bhargava

Funding:  $31,650,000

Jumpcloud is an advanced cloud-powered Directory as a service provider as well as saas startup. It has the ability to unify and connect employees, information technology applications and devices, thereby streamlining business processes.

41. Justworks


Categories:  Enterprise Software

Founder: Iris Ramos, Isaac Oates

Funding:  $2,000,000

Justworks is a revolutionary platform that is a great tool as it provides enterprise level benefits and services. It is easy and cost-effective for businesses, and it enhances productivity by allowing employees to invest their time in core business activities.

42. KashFlow


Categories: Accounting, Billing, Developer APIs

Founder: Duane Jackson, Suresh Sambanda

Funding:  Self-funded

It is a perfect saas startup based solution for any company’s accounting requirements. It is ideal for small business owners and has specific modules to handle the finance and accounting needs of a business organization to make it more efficient.

43. Kindful


Categories: CRM, Marketing Automation

Founder: Jeremy Bolls

Funding: $3,750,000

A unique cloud-based donor management and fundraising solution, it has been designed to assist nonprofit organizations to optimize their efficacy levels. It is a great tool that helps organizations to increase their fundraising effectiveness through a simplistic CRM system, cohesive online fundraising tools and comprehensive donor analytics.

44. LastPass


Categories:  Internet, Mobile Apps

Founder: N/A

Funding: Self-funded

It is a password manager that is ideal to help any organization manage the security of the highest level. It is a password manager and form filler that is optimized for browsers such as Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and Opera.

45. Lately


Categories: Brand Marketing, DIY, Project Management

Founder: Brian S, Jason DeBacco, Kate Bradley Chernis, Steve Blood

Funding: $1,450,000

It is an advanced SaaS software that serves a single-tool platform to help organizations to combine social, traditional media, document management, content, communications, budgets, files and analytics. It has a number of features that can help any business achieve maximum business efficiency.

46. LeanData


Categories: Lead Management

Founder: Evan Liang, Kelvin Cheung

Funding: $15,100,000

It is revolutionary saas startup based software that can manage the entire lead generation of a business organization. It helps to match sales teams more efficient by matching leads to the accounts, thereby enhancing speed, flexibility and accuracy of the lead generation process.

47. Linkdex


Categories: Advertising, Public Relations, SEO, Social Media

Founder: John Straw, Matt Roberts

Funding: $9,304,875

A state-of-the-art SaaS solution provider that tracks and expands search engine web-visibility and influence for enterprise brands. It strengthens a business’s ability to compete by giving it more social reach and influence amongst customers.

48. LogicMonitor


Categories: IT Management

Founder: Steve Francis

Funding: Self-funded

It facilitates a SaaS startup based data center checking of physical, virtual, and cloud-based IT infrastructures. It has a number of utility-based features such as historical trending, unified reporting, SMS alerts and can help to keep a business proactive towards the external business environment.

49. Lua


Categories:  Enterprise Software

Founder: Eli Bronner, Jason Krigsfeld, Michael DeFranco

Funding: $11,385,000

A progressive mobile message sharing application for small-mid-sized businesses. It enhances efficiency by encrypting real-time messaging, calling, file sharing and communication analytics. It is available through Android, iOS, desktop and web browsers – enhancing convenience for the end-user.

50. Mailgun


Categories: Software

Founder: Ev Kontsevoy, Taylor Wakefield

Funding: $51,100,000

Mailgun useful saas startup software that can help any business increase its performance and enhance bottom line results more effectively. It offers advanced APIs that allow final users to send, receive and track emails thereby enhancing productivity.

51. Mention


Categories: Enterprise Software

Founder: Arnaud le Blanc, Didier Forest, Edouard de la Jonquiere, Matthieu Vaxelaire, Quentin Nickmans

Funding: $800,000

It is a transformational social media monitoring solution for brands to attain filtered and organized information from the web and social networks. It can make detailed reports and conduct social analytics to help organizations increase social presence.

52. Metricly


Categories: Cloud Data Services

Founder: Devin Poolman, Jason DeFillippo, Paul Cloutier

Funding: Self-funded

A SaaS startup based adaptive evaluative software solution, it helps organizations track cloud services, applications, infrastructure and public cloud costs. Its pioneering machine learning algorithms learn the behavior and workload patterns of the business environment to optimize performance.

53. Moat


Categories: Saas software

Founder: Jonah Goodhart, Michael Walrath, Noah Goodhart

Funding: $67,500,000

It is a progressive  SaaS-based analytics company that processes advertisement view ability, website traffic and ad attention span for publishers/advertisers. In 2015, Facebook collaborated with Moat to autonomously measure video advertisements.

54. Moengage


Categories: SaaS Software

Founder: Raviteja Dodda, Yashwanth Kumar

Funding: $6,835,114

A technological pioneer – it is a saas startup based company in Bangalore, Jakarta and San Francisco. It is an advanced growth marketing forum for consumer internet companies across the globe. A rapidly-growing enterprise software company, it has worked with some of the largest internet companies across the world including Airtel, Times Internet, Vodafone, Matahari Mall, Snapdeal and BigBasket.

55. NexTravel


Categories: Travel Software

Founder: Wen Lam

Funding: $120,000

A novel company that facilitates businesses to save the massive amount of time and money on travel. It is a market leader in corporate travel management and provides a wide array of discounts for its clients – thereby leading to cost-effectiveness.

56. Nulab


Categories: Productivity Tools, Project Management Software

Founder: Masanori Hashimoto, Shinsuke Tabata, Toshitaka Agata

Funding: ¥100,000,000

Nulab is an innovative saas startup service provider that maximizes business performance by increasing the speed, flexibility and communication processes of organizations. It specializes in providing online collaboration instruments for teams of all sizes.

57. Patriot


Categories: Human Resources

Founder: Mike Kappel

Funding: Self-funded

It is an affordable software that provides a wide variety of features for American small business owners. Its state-of-the-art online software has been specifically designed to simplify employee management software applications for payroll processes, tax filing service, accounting, time and attendance and Human Resources.

58. PeerLogix


Categories: Market Research

Founder: Josh Partridge, William Gorfein

Funding: $4,090,000

An advertising technology and data collection company – PeerLogix saas startup provides proprietary software as a service or SAAS. It is a novel platform which enables the tracking and cataloging of over-the-top viewership so as to ascertain modern consumer trends and preferences based on media consumption.

59. Pensoft


Categories: Payroll Software

Founder: David William Baum

Funding: Self-funded

The best software to help organizations simplify their payroll and provide top value for small to mid-sized businesses. Its unique packages make sure to streamline business operations and increase productivity levels making sure that all payroll activities occur in the best manner possible.

60. Peoplehr


Categories: Human Resource

Founder: N/A

Funding: Self-funded

A lightning-fast saas startup web-based HR software platform crafted by human resource professionals, Peoplehr can handle all the HR requirements of any business organization. It has specific modules for training, compensation, performance appraisal and payroll – making it a holistic HR solution.

61. Piktochart


Categories: SaaS Software

Founder: Ai Ching Goh, Andrea Zaggia

Funding: $150,000

Piktochart is an advanced infographics application that allows non-designers to create highly visual graphics that will better involve their web audiences. It’s a great tool to keep your online audience base engaged and increase the overall effectiveness of corporate communication.

62. Planplex


Categories:  Project Management Software

Founder: Juan Antonio Fernandez

Funding: Self-funded

It is the perfect saas startup project management tool to plan your project building Gantt charts interactively, pool resources with colleagues/customers over instant messaging, record your work quickly on a private wiki and monitor progress towards organizational goals.

63. Poll Everywhere


Categories: SaaS Software

Founder: Brad Gessler, Jeff Vyduna

Funding: $20,000

Poll Everywhere is a state-of-the-art web, SMS, and Twitter polling service provider that enables users to submit votes or comments to a PowerPoint or Keynote slide. It can greatly enhance the overall efficiency and transparency of any polling operation through its advanced features.

64. ProcessGene

Categories:  BPM Software, ERP Implementation, GRC Software

Founder: Avi Wasser

Funding: Self-funded

A unique saas startup by a group of academic researchers-ProcessGene focuses on various aspects of BPM and GRC. The team has theorized that demonstrating the lower, more detailed levels of business processes is highly possible – down to the basic particles, or “Genome” of the business.

65. Rankwatch


Categories: SaaS Software

Founder: N/A

Funding: Self-funded

An artificial intelligence powered internet marketing service provider – Rankwatch allows users to comprehensively manage and gain insights in their digital marketing campaigns. Its customizable modules, user-friendliness and simple interface make it a popular digital marketing platform for all kinds of organizations.

66. Ravti


Categories: HVAC

Founder: Alex Rangel, Chris Ginter

Funding: $120,000

A perfect saas startup based solution for real estate business organizations. It tracks, manages, and procures HVAC for large property owners, along with facilitating HVAC maintenance programs, emergent repairs, scheduled repairs, capital replacement, capex management, multiple bids, procurement, HVAC inventory, warranties.

67. Relata – Sales AI


Categories: CRM

Founder: Sudip Dutta, Sumit Rampal

Funding: Self-funded

An innovative out-of-the-box intelligent CRM software which delivers relationship intelligence for businesses. It is a productivity enhancing application for high performance sales teams and it can greatly enhance team communication, collaboration and the overall bottom line results.

68. Roomsy


Categories:  SaaS Software

Founder: Roomsy

Funding: Self-funded

Roomsy is an advanced Software-as-a-Service (SaaS Startup) hotel software application that effortlessly incorporates property management, online-reservation, bookings and customer relationship management (CRM) into a unified, easy-to-use tool designed completely for independent hoteliers, small hotel groups and hotel management companies.

69. Rootstock


Categories: Enterprise Software, ERP

Founder: Pat Garrehy

Funding: $12,839,999

Rootstock Software provides a whole variety of ERP solutions to the manufacturers and distributors. Built on a salesforce cloud computing platform, it can enable powerful manufacturing and supply chain solutions for organizations operating in a fast-paced business environment.

70. Routehappy


Categories: Enterprise Software

Founder: Robert Albert

Funding: $8,300,000

A dynamic SaaS startup based platform specifically designed for the airline industry. It provides accurate data such as scores and “happiness factors” to rate flights worldwide and improves the overall customer booking experience.

71. SaaSOptics


Categories: Financial Services

Founder: David Ryan

Funding: $1,800,000

A comprehensive B2B subscription management forum that provides subscription invoicing, payments, GAAP revenue recognition, subscription management and advanced subscription metrics and analytical options. A cloud-based solution SaaSOptics supports early stage for enterprise B2B subscription businesses the ability to reduce their dependency on spreadsheets and restructure their financial operations, reporting and performance metrics.

72. SearchForce


Categories: SaaS Software

Founder: Dhiren DSouza, Samir Patel

Funding: $4,057,165

A holistic tool to manage and measure campaign performance across paid search and social media, It is a saas startup robust platform for social analytics. It offers a potent set of bid management and optimization features that allow organizations to measure every aspect of their campaigns and also help to increase overall conversations.

73. Serpstat


Categories: SaaS Software

Founder: Artyom Borodatyuk, Oleg Salamaha

Funding: $250,000

A novel SaaS platform for competitor analysis and keyword research. A Ukrainian website that offers a range of search engine optimization (SEO) services, such as keyword research and backlink analysis – Serpstat can enhance any organizations overall efficiency levels.

74. Shareablee


Categories: SaaS Software

Founder: Tania Yuki

Funding: $6,823,000

A collaborative online saas startup based software application that provides a number of user-friendly features such as audience intelligence, competitive benchmarking, and insights for social media. It is highly popular due to its minimalistic interface and innovative options that enhance overall organizational effectiveness.

75. Simscale


Categories: Cloud Computing

Founder: Alexander Fischer, Anatol Dammer, David Heiny, Johannes Probst, Vincenz Dölle

Funding: Self-funded

SimScale is a pioneer in product design and is a web-based 3D simulation platform with advanced features. It helps organizations perform simulations of CAD models and grants free access to over 40000 engineering projects.

76. Skilljar


Categories: Enterprise Software

Founder: Jason Stewart, Sandi Lin

Funding: $3,700,000

A modern, easy-to-use learning management software – Skilljar facilitates organizations to onboard, train and certify their customers/clients. It is a user-friendly saas startup based learning management software that is easy to operate and operates smoothly for students/administrators.

77. Smarking


Categories: Parking Management System

Founder: Maokai Lin, Wen Sang

Funding: $3,000,000

A smart parking management system which gives parking garage managers all the information they require. They can utilize this information to reduce prices or offer promotions when demand is at the lowest and increase prices when demand is highest such as during a big event in town.

78. Socedo


Categories: CRM, Lead Generation

Founder: Aseem Badshah, Kevin Yu

Funding: $2,500,000

Socedo assists organizations reach their target prospects when they display interest in their campaigns through leveraging intent data from the social web. It provides advanced insights into consumer behavior and also has the largest source of B2B intent data from Twitter.

79. Socure

Categories: Identity Management Software

Founder: Johnny Ayers, Sunil Madhu

Funding: $31,900,000

A New York-based software business-Socure serves as a security provider to consumers and businesses. It fights against the threat of identity theft and related online fraudulent activities. It facilitates the next-generation of multi-factor authentication by applying advanced machine learning techniques such as biometrics and data intelligence.

80. Sotrender


Categories: SaaS Software

Founder: Dominik Batorski, Jan Zając, Pawel Kucharski

Funding: $600,000

It delivers companies with a collection of instruments for analytics, business optimization, content and workflow management. It is targeted for social media managers and it is a hardcore SaaS startup, subscription-based tool which provides a number of value-added services.

81. Stitch Labs


Categories: Business Intelligence, E-commerce

Founder: Brandon Levey, Jake Gasaway, Michelle Laham

Funding: $23,000,000

A pioneer in online inventory control – Stitch Labs is an innovative service provider that automatically syncs inventory levels, orders and sales across multiple channels. It provides retailers an all-inclusive understanding of their operations and helps them save time and make better decisions.

82. Streak


Categories: Sales Automation

Founder: Aleem Mawani, Omar Ismail

Funding: $1,900,000

An exclusive saas startup based CRM service provider that is fully compatible and can integrate with your Gmail inbox. It is highly popular as it can used to track sales, partnerships, support, hiring, and much more – making it a perfect platform for any kind of organization to increase their customer service.

83. Teamable


Categories: Recruiting Software

Funding: $5,000,000

Founder: Hovhannes Nurijanyan, Laura Bilazarian, Meruzhan Danielyan, Vazgen Hakobjanyan

A unique employee referral and diversity hiring forum – Teamable can transform social networks into high-performance talent pools. It is the perfect application to optimize referral programs and maximize on smooth referral policies. Teamable has an intuitive interface and is a cloud-based and mobile-friendly recruitment system.

84. Trippeo


Categories: SaaS Software

Founder: Adarsh Pallian

Funding: Self-funded

An end-to-end travel and expense management holistic saas stratup service provider. Trippeo reduces manual expense tracking and gives administrators complete visibility and control over employee expenditures. It has accessible prices, and a simple set-up, giving any organization a full-circle travel and expense solution.

85. Uniphore


Categories: Enterprise Software, Information Services

Founder: Ravi Saraogi, Umesh Sachdev

Funding: $8,800,000

Uniphore Software Systems is a progressive Chennai based speech recognition software organization. Its basic objective is to help humans engage correctly with machines using advanced speech processes. It is the forerunner of integrated smart speech recognition applications in India.

86. Unleashed software


Categories: SaaS Software

Founder: Greg Murphy

Funding: $20,300,000

Unleashed saas startup based software is an advanced real-time inventory management solution for the small, medium and enterprise market. This powerful cloud-based platform can handle any organizations inventory management needs, allowing it to easily and accurately track stock in real-time across various scattered locations.

87. Updater


Categories: Software

Founder: David M. Greenberg

Funding: Self-funded

Updater is a relocation service provider that effortlessly transfers utilities, updates accounts and records, forwards mail, and much more. Thousands of relocation professionals such as real estate brokers and property managers rely on Updater’s dynamic business solutions to save clients hours through a personalized Updater experience.

88. Upfluence


Categories:  Content Marketing, Digital Marketing

Founder: Alexis Montagne, Kevin Creusy, Vivien Garnès, Yann Metz

Funding: $690,000

An all-in-one unified SaaS startup platform – Upfluence enables brands to identify and contact their influencers at scale. It has a number of innovative additional features such as campaign management, advanced reporting tools and a payment processing platform. It helps organizations simplify influencer interactions so that brands can focus intently on their marketing goals.

89. Vanillasoft


Categories: CRM, Lead Management Software

Founder: N/A

Funding: Self-funded

A revolutionary application that offers lead management software and CRM solutions for phone centric selling. It offers a variety of integrated applications to manage lead monitoring, auto dialing, email marketing, appointment setting and call recording facilities.

90. Waddle


Categories: Business Intelligence, Enterprise Software

Founder: Leigh Dunsford, Nathan Andrews, Simon Creighton

Funding: $68,035,424

Waddle delivers a flexible and on-demand, revolving line of credit model to businesses. It is a comprehensive online, cloud-based saas startup platform that is the only 100% automated accounting add-on across Australia and New Zealand. It is currently the highest rated financial services partner for Xero accounting software.

91. Wave


Categories: Cloud Computing, Human Resources

Founder: James Lochrie, Kirk Simpson

Funding: $79,506,156

A revolutionary platform and is a free financial software for small-medium sized business organizations. It has the ability to create and send professional invoices, estimates and receipts in seconds. Easy and cost-effective for businesses, Wave can surely enhance the productivity of any organization by streamlining accounting activities.

92. Wingify


Categories: Information Technology

Founder:  Paras Chopra

Funding: Self-funded

Wingify’s aims to develop the world’s best saas startup tools for optimizing the business website.  It has a number of progressive products that help to increase website sales, conversions, signups and decrease advertising budget.

93. Worklife


Categories: Mobile APP

Founder: Dave Bryand, Dave Kashen, Val Agostino

Funding: $2,720,000

WorkLife is a state-of-the-art web application that helps teams have more productive meetings. It enables organizations to reclaim time and adopt good meeting – create definite agendas, stay on track during the meeting, and track progress on further steps.

94. Xola


Categories: SaaS Software

Founder: Anush Ramani, J. Scott Zimmerman

Funding: $6,800,000

Xola is a booking software for tour and activity a company that has a number of customizable features. It has a potent online booking and distribution system that can greatly tour and activity providers reduce costs, increase revenue, and save time.

95. Xpenditure


Categories:  Finance

Founder: Boris Bogaert, Wim Derkinderen

Funding: $9,526,545

A primary business expense service provider that automates and streamlines business processes for high-growth companies and enterprises. It has advanced mobile and web applications that transform outmoded expense reporting process by empowering workers to manage real-time expenses.

96. Yardbook


Categories: Business Intelligence

Founder: Brian Gamido, Mark Ke

Funding: $120,000

An end-to-end saas startup solution provider that enables businesses with a multitude of features such as generating schedules, estimates, invoices, payments, timesheets and so much more.

97. Yesware


Categories: Enterprise Software

Founder: Cashman Andrus, Matthew Bellows, Rajat Bhargava

Funding: $33,000,000

A dynamic software that provides email tracking, customizable templates and CRM integration for Gmail and Outlook users. It has the ability to plug into email inboxes, create and use email templates, and sync emails, calls, and calendars with their CRM system.

98. Zilicus


Categories: Project Collaboration Software

Founder: Dhananjay Wagholikar, Nagin Kothari

Funding: Self-funded

ZilicusPM is a state-of-the-art online project management saas startup software that gives organizations clear visibility and complete control over their projects, tasks, timelines, meetings, issues and risks. It greatly increases overall business performance and efficacy levels of any small-mid-sized organization.

99. ZipBooks


Categories: Accounting Software

Founder: Tim Chaves

Funding: $2,000,000

ZipBooks is a forceful accounting tool that can be accessed from a manager home, office, or on the go. It has the ability to track expenses, manage team projects, send recurring invoices, and organizational tasks. It has a user-friendly interface with simple features that can be understood with minimum technological know how.

100. Lead feeder


Categories: B2B, Internet, Lead Generation

Founder: Herkko Kiljunen, Pekka Koskinen, Vicent Llongo

Funding: €1,280,000

A holistic saas startup solution provider that shows organizations what prospects and customers can do on their websites so that they can increase marketing return on investment and generate higher sales. It helps companies know more about its website visitors and sales lead so that they can maximize conversion ratios.

101. Salsa CRM


Categories: CRM, Non-Profit

Founders: April Pedersen, Chris Lundberg

Funding: $12,000,000

Salsa CRM is a comprehensive nonprofit saas startup software for donor management, digital marketing, online fundraising tools, online advocacy campaigns, and peer to peer fundraising. It has a detailed visual dashboard that provides all important information at a glance – thereby helping organizations increase their bottom line results.

The SaaS startup bubble is rising all over the world and these companies are all set out to revolutionize the business arena through their sophisticated features. In the Software as a Service (SaaS startup) business model, a third party host unified applications and provides software as a service to clients through a subscription model. So, if you want to fast track your organization on to the path of success, go through this detailed list of the top 100 SaaS startups – it is sure to transform your success story and get your business on the fast lane to business victory.

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