List of some Interesting Websites when one is bored

Working every day can get very repetitive and mentally taxing. Ensuring all your tasks are done, catching up on pending tasks, attending meetings, brainstorming new ideas can clog your brain and exhaust you completely. To get a break, it is necessary for us to just kick back and relax once in a while. While there are many ways to relax, our options have been restricted by the ongoing pandemic. But calling is still a valid option to pass your time, and what’s better than spoof calling. Here is a link( ) to the best spoof calling websites you might need. A great way to soothe and calm your mind while staying home is spending time on the internet.

Just surfing aimlessly and consuming content that does not really have any constructive use can induce a feeling of relaxation in us. But what is the best way to waste your time on the internet? Let’s take a look! Apart from the obvious mainstream websites like Netflix, Hotstar, and Amazon Prime, we have compiled a list of 10 websites that are everything you need from informative and interesting to fun and completely useless.Let’s take a look at them:

1. A Soft Murmur

2. The Onion

3. Mental Floss

4. How Stuff Works

5. LifeHacker

6. Imgur

7. The Useless Web

8. Pointer Pointer

9. Radio Garden

10. What Should I Read Next

1. A Soft Murmur:

One of the best ways to calm your mind is to listen to the sounds of nature, and this website provides you with exactly that. It is a customizable white-noise machine with slidable volume bars for the five sounds of nature: rain, thunder, waves, wind, and fire.

This website allows you to adjust the volume of each of these sounds independently, creating the perfect outdoor ambience best suited for you. This dashboard is also available as an app on Android and iOS.

2. The Onion:

The Onion, incepted in 1988, is one of the best satirical newspapers out there right now. pass the timeOne of the best parts of their publication is the laugh-out-loud funny headlines- from “Doctor Assures Family of Dying Patient He’s Billing Everything He Can” to “Research Suggests Life on Earth Began Full 20 Minutes Earlier than Previously Thought”. Reading The Onion is a great way to pass time and have fun reading hysterical articles.

If you’re not reading The Onion, you are missing out on a lot of fun.

3. Mental Floss:

Have you ever wondered about some very interesting topic, but not many people talk about it? You will probably find an article about it on Mental Floss, an online magazine containing articles on all sorts of interesting off-beat articles that are well-written and well researched.

For example, their “Big Questions” section includes an article about “Why is Cheese made in Wheel Form?” or the “MF explains it all” section talks about “The Reason Grocery Store Bakeries sell fresh bread in Brown Paper Bags”.Viewers can also submit their big questions, which is a bonus.

4. How Stuff Works:

Suppose you’re ever bored but want to spend your time learning something rather than idling around how Stuff Works is the website for you. As the name clearly states, it is dedicated to how things work. They’ve covered so many things on this website it is pretty hard to run out of things to read about.

The website also runs a podcast full of interesting and fun topics.

5. Lifehacker:

Lifehacker is a website full of productivity tips, tricks and tutorials. They also talk about money-saving, time and resource management apart from productivity. It is a hub of information that is useful, but nobody ever teaches you.

For example, a few of the articles on the website are “The easy way to Cut and Eat a Pomegranate”, “9 Uses for Leftover Holiday Wrapping Paper”, “How to Organize a Yard Sale”.

There is a lot of content to go through, and it is a great way of learning useful things while bored.

6. Imgur:

Imgur is a website that collects viral images and videos of the week all in one place for mindless scrolling and enjoyment. Imgur is where memes appear first, so you might want to be on Imgur to enjoy funny content and share it with your friends.

7. The Useless Web:

The Useless Web is probably the best website for wasting time. As the name suggests, The Useless Web does an only task, take you to a random website that has no use every time you click a button, and it cannot be more amazing.

Redirecting to a new useless website every time is much more hysterical and exhilarating than it sounds, and you will end up having loads of fun, guaranteed. The more time you spend on it, the more fun you will have!

8. Pointer Pointer:

That’s it. Pointer is nothing but a website that points at wherever your cursor is. That’sAnd as simple as it sounds, it can be delightful to see what the website comes up with and a great pastime.

9. Radio Garden:

For all the old school radio heads out there, with Radio Garden, you can tune in to any radio channel you want across the world. That’s right; Radio Garden helps you tune in to the frequency of any radio channel you want across the world, meaning the sky is the limit when it comes to browsing through what different places around the world are listening to.

10. What Should I Read Next:

What Should I Read Next is an especially helpful website for all avid readers, as it is a tool that recommends to readers what they should read next based on the book they’ve read last. It has a wide variety of books in its archive, and its algorithms are on point, suggesting amazing books to its users.

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Written by CHT Staff Writer

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