Top 10 Time Management Software’s and Tools

Time management tools allow you juggle with tasks, meet deadlines and get stuff done on time. However, since there are so many apps, you can feel overwhelmed. That’s why we have picked the best time management tools that will help you manage your tasks, urgent duties, and meetings at work.

1. Replicon

For time management, Replicon is perfect. It is a great time management app that tracks the amount of time you are spending on a project and charges clients using the same method. With this, you can schedule things on time and get the work done. 

It helps you track your business and maintain a professional timesheet at the same time. It gets you a great interface and adds tasks at the same time.

2. Evernote

Evernote is a wonderful tool where you can search for many small business apps. This will help you capture your thoughts, texts, and images. You can write them down and store them within one place. You may also record it with the help of public lectures, meetings and interviews. You can also write a summary of all the findings. 

3. Mind 42

Mind 42 is a simple and effective map that helps you map functions and allow you to focus on all projects and tasks at the same time. It directs all thoughts and tells you what should be executed so that you can get it done. In case you have issues, you will find this one to be useful.

4. Clarizen

Clarizen is great when it comes to time tracking, time reporting, finding time entries, the best association for work hours, reporting and time approval for all tasks, including assigning the timesheets and correcting the departments.

5. When I Work

To track your time, when I work is also a great tool. It allows all employees to clock in for their work with the help of smartphones. It has mobile alerts which you can send whenever there are new schedules. The check-in locks will allow the employees to check in with their shifts and effectively prevent any overage. Notifications will be sent to them on time as well. It is free also if you have your own business. 

6. Paymo

Paymo offers you a web timer where you can record the time you have spent on projects and tasks. It has all the time entries saved along with the end times that are accurate. It also allows you to track widgets so you can track your work time. You can also visualize the timesheet data in the calendar style and save all time entries that start and end with time reports. 

7. Harvest

Harvest lets you be in full control of the whole process of time tracking. It monitors and updates data time weekly. It also gives you access to the platform and lets you track the time almost anywhere. You can distribute and manage the time anywhere. Alongside, you can send and generate invoices to speed up the process of sales. 

8. Clicktime

Clicktime is a very easy time tracker that allows you to track hours, approved and plan the employee time and get new insights to your own organization. With click time, you can get new employee insights, plan the employee hours and get some real-time window. You can track time online, even through Google Chrome. You can combine the expenses and timesheet.

9. Hubstaff

Hubstaff is compatible with all projects. It is available in mobile and desktops and allows you to track time. With Hubstaff, you can record employee hours. With a weekly payroll system, you can pay for all periods. Employee attendance and staff trackers also allow you to see who is working within that frame. 

10. Time Doctor

Time Doctor makes you focused by providing you with configurable options that will adapt to your requirements. It also makes sure everyone is being able to work efficiently.

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