Top 10 Feedback Applications and Software’s

Knowing the right tools for your business can be quite tricky and challenging. Customer feedback tools especially are hard to pick because most of them are diverse and different in purpose. There are a variety of techniques and options in each of them that may or may not offer you the right insights. That’s why we have compiled a list of best feedback tools and software that will hopefully make things simple and easy for you. 


Customer’s response to using your product is vital, as it enables you to provide them with an ideal experience. Product promotions and advertisements are excellent ways to generate brand awareness, but without addressing customer feedback, you will never be able to provide the best customer experience. piHappiness, as a customer feedback software, enables you to gain actionable insights into customer feedback and deliver a top-notch customer experience.

Get Feedback

Get Feedback is a great tool that allows you to focus on your user experience. It allows you to create surveys with the help of images and customizes the fonts and colors that fit your brand perfectly. Surveys like these are more about having a good conversation with your customer instead of simply giving them a survey to follow. Get Feedback is easy to use and costs only 50 dollars every month. If you have bigger teams, don’t worry, there are advanced packages available as well. 


Clarabridge is a great customer experience management platform that allows you to get hold of data from several sources of feedback. The data can be filtered from within the platform and it enables users to use the website within the best way possible. This tool has amazing capabilities such as sentiment analysis, emotion detection, linguistic categorisation and more. 

Client Heartbeat

Client Heartbeat allows you to send new surveys to your customers with the help of email and measures the satisfaction of customers over a period of time. It also offers a great feature that gives you more customer satisfaction and scores the highest benchmark. With this, you will be able to automate the process of survey, gauge the product over a period of time, get the best response rate and conduct surveys easily. 


Feedbackify lets you create feedback forms by yourself. For this, you just have to copy and paste what they provide and it will be ready to go. The visitors can also give you a rating, including suggestions and compliments. With this feedback tool, you can view the feedback within the dashboard and filter it by subcategory and category. 


Kamplye is a great tool that provides customer feedback. It can be used very easily. With this, you will be able to track how your visitors feel on various parts of the website. You can also trigger the forms to make it appear in a more proactive manner and decide who has presented you with the form. 


Typeform allows you to create new forms. The feedback tool is easy to use and allows you to put many surveys together. You can fill in the surveys, run them and add unlimited questions too. They also have cool custom designed themes, basic reporting and templates to choose from. 

Survey Gizmo

SurveyGizmo is quite similar to several other customer feedback you get to see these days. It invites people and allows you to adjust the design in any way you want. It allows you to make your survey more attractive and can be used easily and quickly to create surveys. They are great for individual users and enterprises. 

Get Satisfaction

This one is a community platform that allows you get feedback and share it with other customers too. It can be used for feedback and product testing too. You can get customer input and make them vote for their favourite ideas as well. The tool has a widget that can be placed almost anywhere. Those who click will be given options and they will be able to share ideas too. 

Trust Pilot

TrustPilot is a great review software that makes businesses and feedback easy for customers. They improve visibility both on online ads and search engines and can be sent through email. 


KiyOH is a great customer feedback tool that gives you great features and best alternatives compared to other apps. It focuses on reviews and ratings and also notifies you on the incoming reviews. 

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