Top 10 Content Management System (CMS) Software’s and Tools

Open source content management system offers you content creation and managing information tools that meet a big chunk of audiences in the world. It manages content creation with an excellent programming language and helps you complete your job in a fast and easy way. On that note, here are some content management software and tools you should know about. 


WordPress is definitely one of the greatest content management support systems and platforms available in today’s market. Here, you can make use of any content with the help of a brilliant content management system such as forum site, e-commerce site, blog site, publishing sites and a lot more. WordPress has a great grip that around 65% of the markets use WordPress for digital marketing and other purposes. 

Open Text Management System

This one allows you to capture different types of info, whether they are structured and unstructured and that delivers in this in context across any process, platform or even application. With proper access to details from any location or device, you can be sure that your people will have whatever information they require and how they can get the job done quickly. 

Coldfusion CMS

This content management system software puts website management within the hands of those who depend on and create website content. It is quite easy to use, easy to install and extension is also possible. The CMS browser as well as platform compatible that makes it perfect for colleges, schools and universities, associations, businesses and a lot more. 


Mura has been developed for designers, programmers, government organizations as well as executives. It is a great platform whose goal is to offer tools that are easy to use and boosts productivity. It also includes search engine optimization, multi-language support, scalability, and others. Mura is considered to be the best in terms of customer satisfaction too. 


Oracle is a content management system that is robust and best for companies that are large and well established. It provides amazing support for all their customers and also maintains the quality, ensuring all bugs are instantly taken care of. However, Oracle is not available for free. You can get a 10-user purchase during the first stage and then take it to the next level. 

Evoq Content

Evoq Content is a great enterprise that takes care of both marketings as well as IT departments. They have great marketing campaigns and open-source platforms that contain themes that are easy to customize.

ViciDocs Enterprise

This enterprise is a document management software system that is comprehensive and perfect for archiving, retrieving, indexing any sort of email, fax, paper, etc. It has an amazing set of features that include full-text search, gives you the ability to store different volumes and elaborates security permissions and annotation support. 


IDEV CMS offers you a great content management solution that is designed to scale with your business. Whether it is a startup or a big business, IDEV is easy and simple to use. It allows you to add more pages, customize all the content and build enough forms. It is also a builder and developer-friendly platform that will allow you to customize the framework too. 


If professional content publishing is what you do, consider getting hold of Thunder. It is secure, reliable and safe. It will help you manage content and create new ones easily and quickly. Thunder has a great community so that be sure that there will be people ready to rescue and support you. 


Ghost is perfect for online blogs and publications too. It is easy to use and considered to be one of the best content support management alternatives. It has advanced features such as mobile pages, markdown editors, email subscriptions and a lot more. 

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