Top 10 Chatbot Applications and Software Tools

Chatbots are great for small businesses as they help customers get answers from the company without any added expense of a customer service team member. You can build a great set of answers without any knowledge or code or hiring the expenses of a developer. You can read below to find some of the best chat bott apps and applications available. 


Chat fuel is an excellent bot builder that can be used for Facebook messenger. It makes bodybuilding simple and easy. You don’t require any coding skills with this and have a free version so that you can have access to all the important features, although you will be able to see the branding on the bot. Even though it is not simple to get started with the fuel, you will get a list of instructions to make things simple and easy. It offers great management features and audience insights tool.


Rulai works through several messaging channels, customer services, enterprise business software, and other cloud storage platforms. It helps understand conversations, predict the user behaviour, understand the preferences of customers and take better actions. 


Botsify lets you create chatbots that are intelligent and simple to use. You can use them for your website, for Facebook messenger and it does all this without spending much time in coding. Botsify lets you have conversation forms so that information can be collected. It also has various plugins that will let you integrate with a google search, google sheets and shopify. 


Liveperson offers you the best of industry’s messaging so that you can integrate with several messaging channels such as your mobile app, your website, text messages and a lot more. With this, you can track all metrics, the conversation time, the average order value, bot contained sales and a lot more. 


Vergic lets you have an empowered chatbot that serves many businesses. It handles all transactional chatham transfers complicated problems along with customer service agents. It lets you boost all employee productivity. Vergic leverages your natural language processing and performs sentiment analysis at the same time. 

Mobile Monkey

Mobile Monkey takes chatbots to the next level. You can use it to lead many generational activities such as list building, drip campaign, and chat blasts. It allows you to automate customer service and answer questions instead of wasting time. You can also override the chat bot and jump into the conversation at any time.

Flow XO

Flow XO is excellent for building new chat bots and hosting them to deploy across several platforms, which also means that you will have access to Facebook messenger. You could build chatbot widgets and integrate them with the help of a third party platform. 

Octane All

Octane AL is one of the best chatbot creation platforms as it lets you set up a bot with your Shopify store that can be customized easily. It lets you stay with the audience on Facebook and enable marketing. With this, you can recover abandoned carts and answer all queries. 


Pandorabots gives you a quick and easy solution for chatbot development. It is one of the largest and best chatbot hosting services you won’t find elsewhere. It lets you deploy chatbots, mobile apps as well as messenger platforms such as Slack and Twittergram. You can support and implement this with open standards of AIML. 


The sequel will get you started with a drag and drop editor. It will aim to help you build chatbots that engage with everyone on a conversational level and has two key elements. Having the right technology for conversation makes things much easier. 

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