Top 10 School Management Software’s and Tools

A school management software takes care of various management aspects, allows different schools of automating the tasks, has a whole variety of functions such as performance tracking, etc. It also allows schools to communicate better, have a better understanding of the current performance and maintain transparency with parents. Here are the top software management systems schools should definitely try. 

Shiksha 365 Cloud

An online school management software used amongst educational institutions for the purpose of learning, management activities, and administration, Shiksha 365 Cloud manages all the different types of elements that include exams and teachers, students, courses, staff, and other employees. Using this software tool to manage schoolwork can certainly make a lot of things easy. Give it a shot today!

Family ID

Family ID is for those who want school sports, camps, club activities, and programs sorted out in an easy way. It is used primarily for online registration management and keeps a track of all the data and information that is uploaded. You can find programs for almost anyone, notify programs for changes, register online within a single website, etc. 


Fedena is a great school administration software that handles records mostly. It offers you great administration facilities, student logins along with many batches and courses. The system was developed years ago and is still a popular one. It includes financial management, student and parent logins, examination management, calendar, and human resources. 


Fekara is a school admin powerhouse that runs an operation of about 50 students or even lesser than that. It is clean, modern and a great software option for those who want to cover all things started from assignments to exams, budgeting, internal messaging and more. It also has a great mobile app where you can work on all phones, tablets, and computers. 

Skyward School Management

If you want better ERP and SIS experience, Skyward School Management is the right option. It combines community, leadership, technology that will help school districts operate on a much higher level. Some technologies also include information that is student ready and has a flexible suite. 


Gibbon is an all in one software that gives you an open-source school platform that deals with stuff like school administration, features, and services provided to teachers, etc. It also has a whole range of features such as administration tools that deal with finance, managing staff, payroll schedules, invoicing, departments, etc. It also has teaching tools such as assessments, library catalogs, etc. 

School Time

School Time is perfect for smaller schools. It doesn’t have any financial obligations, doesn’t expire soon and has great features such as exam management, grading systems, board management, transportation, attendance, exam management, etc. 

TS School

Time Software School is a great tool that gives you basics for the school of different sizes. It manages your workforce, has amazing human resources provision, a great student management system, reports, a powerful organizational calendar as well as exam modules useful for teachers. 

School Tool

School Tool is a web-based information system that supports several schools at one go. It has several interesting features that make life simple and easy for teachers and staff members. It also provides educators what they require to run their classrooms, organizational features, report card generator, etc. 

Keep Schooling

School management software manages daily activities such as fees, expense management, student records and more. They have different dashboards and logins for parents, students, and teachers. The software is available online and has a school portal where all activities regarding school are displayed. The enrollment is quite easy to manage and it can be easily used to extract the expense and the income. 

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