Popular Recent Technologies in Use Today

Popular Recent Technologies

Human life and Mother Earth cannot survive without change. The entire life concept is devised on the habit of change. Knowing about the technologies that are becoming popular in recent times is one way to move forward in your professional and personal life as well. In this article, we focus on the popular recent technologies that are creating quite an impact on many industries.

Now let us focus on the technology of the future which is about to make a grand entry in 2019.

1. Popular Recent Technologies in Use Today – 5G Technology

In a normal mode, 5G is not just the next step of 4G. It is designed to give a high level of performance than the older generation types of 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G. In short, those who had an internet connection will always complain about slow downloading of videos or slow opening of web pages. With this technology, you can expect better connectivity and performance.

2. Popular Recent Technologies in Use Today – Quantum Computing (Supercomputer)

Have you seen the film, iRobot? In the film, there will be a supercomputer. In short, quantum computing is a secret emerging technology. Every developed country or developing nation wants to have a supercomputer which will become the envy of neighboring nations. And imagine the work that the computer will complete. Many hard tasks will be completed in seconds by the computer.

3. Popular Recent Technologies in Use Today – Augmented Reality (AR)/Virtual Reality (VR)

If asked to mention in a quiz, regarding the first 3D movie in India, it will be My Dear Kutti Chatan. A recent neighbor of this technology is the use of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in many industries. AR has been used with many benefits in engineering design, home renovation and many more.

4. Popular Recent Technologies in Use Today – Global Internet of Things (IoT)

Have you heard about Home Automation, Smart Home or Internet of Things? In short, the IoT is a process by which every smart home electronic appliance in your home gets connected to the internet. The benefit – if you have family members of more than sixty years in the home, they will find it difficult to move around the home. So, if they have a private room, they will find difficulty to activate the lights or fan.

With the Internet of Things, you can install smart appliances such as smart bulb and smart fan. In just a voice command, the elders can either activate or deactivate the fan.

There is also another benefit. The smart washing machine can be modified to send an alert to your mobile after the washing activity.

5. Popular Recent Technologies in Use Today – Blockchain Technology

In short, this technology is best described as a distributed, no ownership ledger of records that have a connection to many computers. Every record cannot get altered without causing differences to all the blocks. This technology is mostly used for another new technology in the offing, by name Cryptocurrency. At present, the blockchain technology has been divided into four types by name –

  • Public
  • Private
  • Consortium
  • Hybrid


6. Popular Recent Technologies in Use Today – Artificial Intelligence

The one technology which has made quite an impact in many industries. It is estimated that nearly more than fifty-one percent of companies are using AI in one way or the other. Let us focus on some examples to know about the benefits of AI.

A. Chatbots

In the customer care industry, you have the chatbots with AI applications. They can give voice responses, send an email or route the call to a human. They are well-programmed to solve simple and every day queries of the customer. The complex queries get routed to a machine learning application or to a human for giving apt responses. For example, you have a company related to TV repair in Maharashtra’s capital city. For getting maximum customers, you have entered into a liaison with a popular start-up which provides doorstep home maintenance services for electronic appliances. They also have able technician who offer services for TV repair Mumbai (the entire city). You are listed as an Aone vendor with them. For your own customers, you have set up a customer care service center.

But you have installed chatbots as part of the customer care service team. They handle simple queries while the complex questions are handled by humans. The chatbots do not need any leaves and can give apt responses as programmed. Your customers stay happy and satisfied forever.

B. Travel

In the travel industry, it is robots with AI which have become a favorite for the public. For example, the famous Hilton Group of Hotels has a robot by name, Connie. This robot can hear and answer queries related to tourist spots and flight details.

C. Content Writing

In the content writing industry, AI applications have appeared on a grand scale. You just have to feed the date, kind of story and the details into the application, and you get the story. For example, The Washington Post makes use of Heliograf (AI) tool to write reports.

D. Manufacturing

In the manufacturing industry, Robots with AI have taken the place of humans who do the same manual job again and again. Now, the same workmen can focus their energy on other important tasks.

7. Machine Learning

It is a part of artificial intelligence but in a more advanced method. Remember the last paragraph when you read about the complex queries in customer care service. Now, the program has been designed in such a way that it can learn on its own. Without human intervention.

For example, you have a smart thermostat with ML applications. You modify the settings and set the temperature. In the summer, you opt for a certain temperature. In the winter, you opt for another one. So, the change has been made, from one temperature level to another. You do not have to modify the temperature again. The thermostat can do on its own for the entire winter season to the second preferred temperature, courtesy, machine learning.


Mentioned in the article are five popular recent technologies. Among them, 5G is yet to make an entry. Out of the five mentioned, it is AI which is making hay in most industries.

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Written by Neha Reddy

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