10 Smart Ways to Save Money on Your Next Solo Travel

Whether traveling in luxury or on a budget, people always want to keep a good deal. Travelers with a little amount of money want to stretch their cash farther and even those who have lots of them want to know that they are spending their money wisely. To put simply, everyone wants to travel for less money. But with costs of plane tickets, accommodations, car rentals or minibus hire, and other side purchases that are constantly rising, traveling may really seem uneconomical.   

Fortunately, the modern era unfolds the many perks everyone can get from traveling. The trend of several travel and tour agencies that offer great deals have come ‒  from seat sale promotions, group travel discounts, and great accommodations at very economical prices. So if you haven’t had your first travel yet and you’re asking yourself if traveling for less money is pretty possible, here’s a short answer: Yes! So, pack your bags and let the travel on a budget begin with top tips I got for you.

Tips On the Planning Stage:

  1. Plan your budget. 

Planning for a solo trip would be much easier when you keep a picture of your budget in mind. Create a preliminary sketch of your target budget and allocate resources wisely in order to satisfy your needs and additional wants during your travel. 

  1. Check out great budget deals.

There’s a long list of affordable travel and tour agencies online, you just have to be willing in order to find one. Google at least top 3 sites of agencies that offer cheapest flights focusing on solo travelers and then compare prices to select amongst them. One tip: download their apps and join their social media groups to keep you posted on the latest deals they have.    

  1. Choose a budget destination. 

The world has several exciting places to visit but some of them are not on everyone’s bucket list. Mainly because they’re too much expensive to take. When deciding on a budget destination, consider the overall cost of your trip including the price of getting there and the expenses on the ground. After all, you still have several options for beautiful places at a less expensive cost. Check out countries in Asia.   

  1. Travel in the off-season. 

Another tip to save plenty from your travel is to book a trip during the off-season. January is considered the cheapest month to visit but it still depends on your chosen destination. You can try destinations on the south of the equator during their winter, when the climate might be cooler and damper and so, tickets will be cheaper.

  1. Look for cheap accommodation. 

Again, another long list of cheap hotels and capsule rooms is right there waiting for your click. Do not splurge yourself with 5-star deluxe rooms. Remember your top priorities on this travel that might get affected by your budget for one-time accommodation. Also, try to rent out your room at home while you are away to regain the money spent from traveling.  

  1. Rent a car. 

Get a better deal for car rentals if you want to accomplish a solo itinerary by yourself. Although, there is not usually a big difference in price between one car rental company and another. 

Tips During Travel:

7. Take a free walking tour. 

Many cities provide a free walking tour. But you can give at least a 5-dollar tip, especially when guides operate on a pay-what-you-can basis. 

8. Strategize your meal plans. 

Meals can also consume a big portion of your budget so it’s wise to plan your meal ahead. Find restaurants within your budget or try to eat where locals eat. Also, take advantage of food trucks and make the most of your free breakfast (if the hotel provides one for you).  

9. Take advantage of free museums. 

If you are a museumgoer, the price of an all-access pass to certain museums can add up to your budget. Exploit cities where you can breeze in and out of museums without having to pay for admission fees.  

10. Save while shopping. 

As a bonus part, take advantage of these tips when shopping stuff and memorabilia:

  • Purchase in their currency. 

  • Get a debit/credit card that doesn’t charge foreign transaction fees. 

  • Save at the airport. Food and bottled water may increase or double the price. 

  • Avoid shopping in metro retails. 

  • Shop outside the tourist areas.

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Written by Sarah Contreras

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