Top Industries that Need a Mobile App for a Successful Business

In this era of cut-throat competition, every business is trying to apply prominent strategies to stand out from the crowd. Developing an individual mobile app is one of the best ways that businesses are employing for their success. Mobile apps are nothing but an easier and faster version of the websites, providing much better features. They can engage the target audiences more effectively. 

Looking at the statistics, a leading online portal for statistics, Statista claims that by the year 2020, mobile apps will generate revenue of about 18 billion US dollars. The scope for their growth is massive in the coming years. 

There are several top-rated industries which can and are benefiting from mobile app development. Some of them are amassed here.

Mobile Apps in the Healthcare Industry: There are thousands of mobile apps already developed for the healthcare industry which are making the care easier and efficient. Right from guiding the patients through these apps to scheduling their appointments, everything can be effectively managed from dedicated healthcare apps. There are special apps that enable tasks like paying bills online, giving online prescriptions, keeping records of patients, etc. It helps to improve patient-doctor relationship while saving their time and efforts. This is the reason why mobile app development in the healthcare industry is on high demand today. 

Example:Phlex65 is an app which helps the seniors to connect to caregivers in real-time and book the services from caregivers as required.

Travel and TransportationIndustry: The traditional and time-consuming way of booking tickets, cabs, trains, and even flights have been amazingly changed today. There are mobile apps through which bookings can be done in a few clicks within seconds.In the transportation industry, several important tasks like tracking routes of vehicles, managing inventory, fleet management, end-to-end visibility of goods, etc. can be done using mobile apps. Such apps use sensors, cameras, GPS tracking, RFID systems, etc. for ensuring these tasks.  

Example:AppWeighis an example of a smart mobile app that uses the internet of things. This app constantly tracks the load on the trucks and sends updates to the owners on their phones. The owners can be sure that their load is safe from any theft. 

Mobile app development in the Food Industry: Ordering food from the favorite restaurant is so much easier now. Mobile app development has changed the way this industry used to work. Everything is available at the doorsteps with the use of restaurant and food delivery apps. There are some apps which provide all the detailed menu and review of restaurants sitting at home. 

Example:MCTs a restaurant app in which the managers or owners of restaurants can add menu items. They can specify if any food item could create allergy or be harmful to any health condition. The customers can choose the food accordingly.

E-Commerce Industry:Mobile apps are the pillars of any e-commerce industry today. Online stores are growing rapidly as the customer demands everything at a click of a button at any time from anywhere. These apps provide safety, instant payment options, home delivery options and hundreds of choices of products to their customers. 

Example:Exut is an e-commerce mobile app which has various online stores selling products like beverages, alcohol, etc. Customers can order, track them and reject the orders as well. 

Water Industry:Mobile apps are playing a significant role in water and waste water management, monitoring water flow, checking the purity of water, measuring temperatures, etc. functions in many industries. There are mobile apps that provide updates about water levels right at your fingertips. At power generation, dams, water treatment plants, app development is playing a significant role. 

Conclusion:Mobile apps are creating more value to the customers in different industries. Along with the above industries, mobile apps are also benefiting other industries like manufacturing, finance, education, IT, fashion, entertainment, retail, etc. Whether brand awareness, personalized promotions, automation of tasks, managing inventory, customer engagement or better communication, mobile app development companies are playing an important role in bringing in more and more business.

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Written by Shelly Megan

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