Top 10 Real Estate Management Software’s and Tools

If you’re in the world of real estate, looking to make work easy and simple, it’s time you consider some real estate management softwares. The market is currently flooded with several options that promise to make your job streamlined and well processed. On that note, here’s a look at some of the top and trending real estate management softwares. 

360 Workplace

360 workplace offers space management, lease administration, construction project software, facility maintenance management for people who want to manage real estate in the best way possible. It can monitor all assets, track interactions with vendors, ensure the tax compliances. They can also access 360 Workplace anywhere they would like. 


Appfolio is great for real estate agents who would like to monitor properties anywhere and at any time they want. Apart from that, you will also be able to manage things and view reports and also create websites that are professional. Appfolio has been reviewed as one of the best softwares amongst those who are in real estate. 

Rentec Direct

Rentec Direct is a management solution for those who belong to the field of property managers. It includes automatic payments, logins for owners as well as tenants, data security, publishing vacancies online, tenant screenings and more. The direct claims can run within just 10 minutes of updating the software. Retenc is considered responsive and friendly too. 


Made suitably for landlords, Propertyware is perfect for people who want to manage tenants and rental properties. They simplify leasing renewals, make communication with tenants easy and allow rental management to be a slow and easy process. We should use property ware because it is very easy and simple to use. It is user friendly, comes with access that is effortless and has social tools that make interactions simple and fun. 

Rent Manager

Rent Manager has a broad set of features such as broadcasting and video recording where you can record all messages and send it to contacts. It helps you discuss the same kind of thing. Also, it lets you track your tenants and lets you generate the lease agreements reports and other important files. 


If you’re looking for smart features, Entrata will certainly impress. It provides you with all the tools required for the property’s finances and operates in a profitable way at the same time. Apart from that, it will also help you manage the budget of your company feasibly. Entrata allows you to funnel all the lead sources, enable the reps to convert leads and collect them at a much faster rate. 

Turbo Tenant

Turbo Tenant offers you a helpful website where you can add property listings, display important details about your property such as lease terms and monthly rent. It also provides tools that tenants will utilize. Apart from that, Turbo Tenant offers a free screening feature that will give you details on criminal records, evictions, credit scores and more.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps, android apps, and IOS allow users to get information from almost anywhere, at any time and be as productive as they want. They provide great security, backups, integrity, data security, etc. It also has a central hub where you can store important data on commissions, utilities, and rent. 


This one has brilliant banking features that let you manage bank accounts, print checks, and reconciliations. It also gives you bulk notifications on group emails, reminders on rent, site visits and many other important pieces of news. There is a software that will also handle all your account, export important data such as QuickBooks and Microsoft excel. 


Arthur allows you to manage properties at ease and makes sure you handle single units and multiple units at the same time with no hassle. It makes management transparent and allows you to check who is starting and about to leave. Apart from that, it will also raise the work orders and follow it through till completion. 

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