Top 10 Online Poll and Survey Software and Tools

Online poll and surveys, is voting has become increasingly popular and are used in larger scales. Site owners easily understand the role that surveys play and are using them rapidly as people when asked for comments and feedback, tend to use the online voting software and tools. On that note, here are some of the best online voting software and tools. 


PollDaddy(Crowdsignal) gives you the tools required for websites and blogs. People can create some survey or poll with this one and the website will generate codes that are needed to be posted on the website. With the help of an editor, you can create many choices with the help of single answers. There are approximately 19 styles you can pick from, and if people want to create their own styles, they can do that as well. 

Zonka Feedback 

Zonka Feedback is an effective Website Feedback Software and Survey App that allows you to create surveys and polls and share them on your website to collect feedback from the customers and website visitors. The tool has in-built templates for creating surveys of various types and industries, and has 40+ question types to choose from. It allows you to fully customize the surveys and add poll questions of any format – multiple choice, star rating, emoticons, checkboxes, radio buttons, and more. You can choose to display the surveys the way you like. You can embed them on the website, or make them appear as popups and web widgets. 


Easy polls allow you to embed polls on your website in an easy and smart way so that you can understand your customer and gauge their satisfaction. You may have to add new poles depending on the season, add more product offerings and then update them on the website. Easy polls are one of the most preferred tools compared to other software since they are so easy to use and apply. 

Poll Code

Poll Code is a great poll generator. It helps many people create polls and embed them on their website. It can hold approximately 30 responses to any question and the poll’s look can also be customized to match the blog color and website. Poll code is a great way to use and also gets you instant feedback from colleagues and clients. 

Micro Poll

This one is a web polling service that allows you to create as well as publish web polls. You can analyze the results from the polls use it to integrate the functionality within other apps and then retrieve poll information according to responses you get from the poll. The same poll may also be displayed around several sites as they collect data within the same base. 

Lime Survey

Lime survey allows you to create surveys, online polls and doesn’t have any limits to the number of participants who can perform. It has a whole variety of questions that includes response formats, text inputs, slider inputs, numerical inputs and yes and no inputs. Lime survey also has excellent layouts and surveys that can be used. 


Twigs give you a great polling experience that lets people create polls easily, vote on the polls that are created, users. By sharing the polls, you can get a bigger and more diverse pool of voters and even better results. People can browse through the public polls list and vote for them, email some of them to a friend and even make a few comments. 

99 Polls

99 polls give you interactive and simple web polls. The registration is easy to do and only requires your email ID. People can easily create polls with the help of code within just 2 minutes. All you have to do is take the code and copy, paste it on the web page where you would like the poll to be shown. It is fast, simple and gets the job done. 

Polls Everywhere

Polls Everywhere make all presentations easy to do and very interactive. It replaces your daily hand raise, creates polls on the website, adds the pole in other places. You can ask the audience the question you have in mind and then answer the same question by loading the polls on the phone’s response by texting in responses. 

Ace Polls

Ace Polls is a great tool used for voting. It is simple and at the same time very flexible. You can pick from several options that make it flexible. The users can also use the options, select various colors such as options, re-order options and publish the dates for all polls. 

Survey Gizmo

Survey Gizmo lets you build your own forms and surveys. It lets you create new contact forms, quizzes, mobile marketing campaigns and many more. It has a great turnkey integration that can be used. The API will let you place the forms and response data which can be used on third party websites and apps. 

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