Growing Significance of eLearning Mobile Solutions in the Business Wor

  • In 2015, the global eLearning market was reported to hit $107 billion. By 2025, it is expected to hit a total market value of $325 billion.
  • Since the year 2000, the revenue generation in eLearning industry has grown by over 900%.
  • In the year 2017, about 77% of the U.S. companies were using online learning solutions.

These are some astonishing statistics by the eLearning Industry, a foremost knowledge-sharing platform and the largest online community of eLearning professionals. This indicates how vast the scope of eLearning solutions is. As a result, it has evolved as a new business model for start-ups as well as small and medium-sized businesses.

These solutions are not limited to just the educational organizations, but largely used by the businesses as well. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, most part of the population and the organizations are shifting to virtual education as people are forced to be at home due to lockdowns. Also, a large number of professionals are opting for their skill-improvement through online courses.

A Glimpse of eLearning Industry and the Modern LearnereLearning solutions have extended the scope of education beyond the physical boundaries of a classroom. eLearning is nothing but a way of imparting education of a subject with the use of electronic resources like smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc. It is a network-enabled transfer of knowledge in the form of educational mobile apps, online courses, video channels, e-books, podcasts, games, and online tools.

One such amazing eLearning app in the market is Mentor-Mentee. It is a great platform for students as well as corporate professionals for learning a new language, a new skill, etc. It can be used by individuals for enhancing their hobbies as well. One can also start mentoring and making money with this app. It is an excellent app developed by Biz4Solutions, a leading app development company in Texas.

Also, eLearning has been a perfect solution for the modern learners. They want personalized knowledge for any subject at the touch-point of their fingers. They want to access the required information anytime from anywhere. On-demand learning is the new face of knowledge gaining. So, let us run through the benefits of developing eLearning solutions for the businesses.

Advantages of eLearning Solutions:

  1. Flexibility in Learning :  elearning is highly flexible and convenient for learners. They don’t need to travel for such kind of education as they can do it sitting at the very comfort of their homes. This saves time and money. Also, since there is no printing, it is a cost-effective investment for organizations as well.
  2. Quick Access to Information: It makes the learning process easier and continuous by providing quick access to the information. These platforms provide the information in easily digested “chunks” of interactive sessions, which makes it a highly efficient learning solution. Also, these solutions enable communication of the tutors with learners which motivates the learners all the more.
  3. Interactive Video/Audio sessions: These solutions involve interactive slides, videos, games, etc. in the training courses to make the education fun to learn. It helps the learners to retain more information and gain better results while improving their engagement.
  4. Cater to Different Age Groups: People of any age, whether small children, youths, old people, etc. can benefit from eLearning Solutions. Also, educational institutes, software companies, manufacturing firms, government bodies, etc. can integrate them for the students or employees respectively.
  5. Higher reach to Consumers: Several educational mobile apps provide courses at cheaper rates or even free of cost which attracts more and more learners.
  6. Modern Education Techniques: These solutions usually provide updated information. They contain modern educational techniques that are effective and best suited to the technically advanced generations.

Final Thoughts:The eLearning industry is undoubtedly topping the popularity charts as it offers a plethora of advantages. It has immense business potential and several enterprises have already started with the eLearning app development projects.

Are you also willing to develop one?

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Written by Ash Rakars

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