Mobile Application- A Game Changer for Transportation Industry

There is no second thought in saying that mobile phones have become an important part of our lives. Right from booking a travel ticket to ordering food, everything can be done using mobile apps with just a few clicks. Mobile apps have become an integral part of most of the industries nowadays and Transportation and Logistics Industry is no exception.

With the advent of smartphones and the smart technology being used in developing a transportation app, our lives have become easy and comfortable. We can now book our travel tickets, know the current status of trains and flights, get notification updates and perform many more activities related to Transportation and Logistics industry.

According to, in the year 2016, U.S.A had spent approximately $1.4 trillion on transport and logistics industry which was around 7.5% of their GDP. Such a huge industry is not yet fully digitized and hence there is great scope for mobile apps in this industry. This clearly indicates that if organizations wish to compete with each other and stand out in the rat race then they will have to switch to technology and invest in developing customer centric mobile apps.

Let’s try to breakdown and understand how mobile applications can benefit the transport business:

Online booking: A mobile app can help the users in comfortably booking their travel tickets on their convenient date and time. Furthermore, the app can allow the users to book the seats as per their choice and users can also receive constant notifications regarding the status of the bus, train or flight. Vehicle operator can also receive the passengers’ updates and can function accordingly.

Ease in working: Mobile apps encourage the operators to keep a record of various details like vehicle number, driver data, and passenger details in the smartphones or smart devices. This method of digital recording has not just eased the working process but has also increased the efficiency and productivity of the companies. The users will just have to click the app and view the complete details of their booking.

Monitor the location of the vehicle: With the use of GPS feature in an app, we can track the real-time location of the vehicle carrying passengers or cargo.  GPS is a satellite-based tracking system which can accurately inform the users regarding the real-time location of a vehicle. In this way, the customers can constantly get updates regarding the shipment or the vehicle in their mobile applications. This is definitely one of the effective ways to keep the customers informed.

Fleet management: One of the most important and challenging activity in the transport and logistics industry is fleet management. With the help of mobile app, the vehicle operators can have an accurate route plan for the drivers so that they can avoid traffic and congestion. Users can also locate current status of the vehicle carrying goods or passengers. The GPS tracking system in the mobile app informs the user about the condition of the vehicle. Mobile app can also inform the driver as well as the user about problems in the vehicle and if the vehicle breaks down in the middle of a trip, the app will send notifications to mechanic to address the issue.

Promotes safety and security: The use of a mobile app in the transport and logistics domain has fostered the safety and security of the drivers, passengers and goods. With the help of an app, the drivers are now being able to communicate with the users thereby maintaining their efficiency and safety on road.  It gives a real-time update of the vehicle and the driver in it and provides the user with complete details of the driver carrying their respective goods or passengers. By this process of constant communication and analysis, the transport industry can operate in a much more organized and secured way.

Conclusion:It will not be wrong in saying that mobile application development technology has changed the face of the transport and logistics industry. In this ever-evolving business of transportation, mobile apps are the best in bridging the gap between an operator and its user.

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Written by Shelly Megan

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