Top Advantages of IoT Mobile Apps in Various Business Domains

A British technology pioneer, Kevin Ashton, first coined the term, “Internet of Things (IoT)” in 1999 and today, this futuristic technology is rapidly gaining popularity. It offers unparalleled benefits to different industries like transportation, healthcare, manufacturing, retails, logistics, water, etc. IoT apps and related software systems assure more transparency, increased operational efficiency, better security and increased profit margins. Due to these reasons, IoT development services are in high demand across the globe.

Major benefits of IoT mobile apps in different industries

Real-time monitoring using IoT apps in healthcare and transportation industry

When different business processes are monitored in real-time, errors decrease and the efficiency of operations increase. In the healthcare industry, there are different connected devices which provide vital data about the patients’ health in conditions like diabetes, heart failure, asthma attacks, etc. This data is recorded on the IoT apps and used by doctors and physicians to give the required treatment.

Likewise, in the transportation industry, sensors, cameras, RFID, beacons, etc. are used in IoT systems to keep track of many processes like the shipment of vehicles, fleet management, etc. For instance, AppWeigh, an IoT-enabled mobile app helps to keep track of weight on the trucks with the use of sensors attached to their tires. This information is sent to the smartphones of owners and they can be aware of the weight on trucks. Whenever the load is reduced or increased from the truck, a message is sent to the owners. This ensures safe and legal shipment of the load. Thus, AppWeigh enables automated tracking process.

Data Collection and Analysis in Water management and hospitality industry

IoT devices collect a large amount of important data which can be used to study the user behavior, to make instant decisions in case of emergency, to innovate the working systems, to set deadlines for the staff, etc. in many industries.

In the hospitality industry, IoT is used to automate tasks like checking-in of guests, unlocking their rooms, sending notifications to the guests, etc. These systems are also used to switch the lights off when the guests go out which saves energy.

Likewise, in the water industry, measuring and monitoring of water levels can be efficiently done using IoT.  These IoT systems are used in waste-water management, water conservation, water quality testing and analysis projects.

Higher Productivity, Efficiency and Reduced Operational Costs

IoT systems help businesses to make smart decisions. When there is end-to-end visibility, transparency in operations increases. Timelines can be calculated and productive hours can be managed well. Many tasks can be automated saving time and efforts of the staff while reducing the labor costs. IoT apps, thus, maximize the productivity and efficiency that multiply the business profits.

Using internet of things, the staff is managed in a better way, machinery is well-maintained, energy costs can be saved by keeping track of fuel levels, voltage/current readings, etc. and work processes are made more efficient. All this reduces the operational costs.

Increased Automation

IoT apps have let the businesses to enter a whole new level of automation. Different devices, systems, platforms, machines, apps, etc. are connected to each other through the internet of things. Data from different business verticals can be gathered, analyzed and sent to the desired department for further process in minutes. Reminders, alert messages, readings, notifications, etc. are automatically sent to concerned managers or staff members. Many tasks are automated using intelligent IoT systems.

Improved Safety

With the help of IoT development services, systems can be developed to assure the security in the processes and workplaces. These systems use different devices like sensors, surveillance cameras, alert systems, smart-locks, beacons, etc. to detect dangerous conditions and send signals to authorized personnel. In high-risk environments like electrical industries, heavy industries, construction sites, etc. the IoT systems are employed to constantly monitor machines, premises and other important assets.


 IoT app development services are playing a vital role in bringing in more business for different industrial domains. It helps in enhancing the business models while improving the quality of work. Healthcare, manufacturing and transportation sectors seem to benefit the most from this cutting-edge technology, however, IoT is still spreading in other domains at a fast pace. The potential of IoT is huge and already strengthening multiple businesses.

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