Mistakes While Hiring a Mobile App Development Company

Mobile presence has become a necessity for most businesses today. In this digital era, mobile apps serve to be a vital tool for attracting potential clients from across the globe. They help in instant communication with the users/potential customers, have advanced features, provide better accessibility to the products and services, improve customer engagement, strengthen the brand reputation and enhance the revenue.

So, are you also willing to make a remarkable mobile presence by having a dedicated app for your business? If yes, then it is necessary to avoid some mistakes that companies usually make while choosing the mobile app development company. These mistakes can result in product failure and ruin the company reputation.

Mistakes businesses commit while choosing a mobile app development company

Not asking about the product life cycle for the app

The product life cycle is necessary to know about the depth of research, clear objectives, realistic planning, resources involved, quality control and many such important factors. It gives detailed insights about the planning and management of the mobile app development company and how the results of their work could be. This information is also necessary to know the resource capability of the team and the timelines. The businesses usually don’t inquire about the planning of the work while choosing their technical partner and this mistake can lead to poor end results.

Not inquiring about the mobile app developers and top decision makers

Any business must always inquire about the people working on their app development project. Do the developers have the required skills and expertise? Have they worked on similar mobile apps before? Who are the final decision makers? This information will give you more confidence about the company and help to know if they are a reliable partner or not. 

Setting unrealistic expectations about the project delivery 

It is very important to decide the timelines for completion of the app. However, quality work needs time. If you expect three mobile apps in two days, then will they be good enough and be helpful to your business? Too fast can be too bad. So, let the mobile app development company do some research and then prepare a project estimate. After that, the timeframes can be decided depending upon the features, technology, pages, etc. parameters.

Not doing research about customer satisfaction ratio and customer retention 

Just checking the reviews of the company is not enough. The reviews must be from established and reputable clients. One must research their repeat customers and customer retention rates. Businesses go back to work with the companies who provide value to their clients. One must also try to collect previous client’s details and talk to them and take the reviews.

Hiring based on the costs

Budget is the most important thing for any company and it is obvious to expect value for money. But hiring a mobile app development company only based on costs will have bigger compromises on quality. A high-quality app will be a one-time investment in your business for long-term profits. An app which is responsive, functional and has rich features will require certain efforts and time. The companies which promise great results in lesser costs need to be hired wisely after detailed research.

Not checking the portfolio of the mobile app development company

Has the app development company already worked on similar projects on your desired domain? Do they have the required tools? Have they previously used the technology you are looking for? Having a detailed look at their portfolio will answer most of these questions. It is necessary to check their credentials properly. One can get in-depth details about the products and services of the company and their technical expertise.

Not owning the source code of the app

This mistake can cost you a fortune. You must ensure that you own the source code of your app in any condition. Many businesses often fail to consider this clause when they create the contract and later, many severe issues can arise if they want to switch their technological partner.


All the points mentioned above are some of the most common mistakes that businesses commit while hiring a mobile app development company. These tips will help to ease the hiring process and ensure that you develop an outstanding mobile app for your business. It will help you to stay ahead of the competitors.

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