Potential Benefits of Integrating Real-time Features in Mobile App

A decade ago, who thought real-time features would become an inevitable part of the mobile apps? They were considered a luxury then. Today, these features are no more an option but a necessity. So, any enterprise or individual who wants to develop an outstanding app must integrate real-time technology in their apps. Whether they are partnering with a mobile app development company or hiring freelance developers or having an in-house team for app development process, these features are a must-have in the apps. They provide an unparalleled experience to the users and also gain competitive advantages.

But what is real-time technology? What features fall under this technology? And what are the benefits of implementing them in the apps? This blog will answer all these questions in brief, so let’s get started.

What is Real-time Technology?As the name suggests, real-time technology allows the users to track, receive or send the data on the fly in a matter of seconds. They are the live actions of the users, usually measured in milliseconds or microseconds. This technology is superfast and highly reliable. As a result, many enterprises in diverse industries like healthcare, food, social media, transportation, education, etc. are utilizing it at a fast pace. Also, as the demand of such apps is growing, every mobile app development company is investing time and money in their mobile app developers to build user-centric apps with real-time features. 

To understand this concept well, let’s consider an example.

While using a taxi-booking app, before confirming the ride, we can see the nearby cabs moving around on our mobile screen. They are moving in ‘real-time’ in the nearby area and similarly reflect in the app.

Another example is an on-demand healthcare app used by older people for hiring caregivers from the nearby area. The old people can find the caregivers in real-time using the geo-location integration feature in the app. They can chat with them and also do payments in real-time.

Now, let’s run through the significant features that fall under this technology.

The Must-have Real-time Features to Integrate with the Mobile Apps

  • Push Notifications: This feature is used for making the users aware of the latest products, order status, offers, other features, and any such information, by sending a message through the app.
  • Real-time News Feed: This feature updates the users about the events, activities, news, advertisements, etc. published on the platforms by others when users are using the app.
  • Real-time Messaging Service: This is one of the most useful and interactive features for users. Interactive messengers can be used to communicate, share files or documents, create dedicated groups, etc.
  • Real-time Calling: This is another indispensable functionality which allows the users to make audio or video calls and thus connect seamlessly. 
  • Live StreamingThis is a very popular and visionary feature, useful for deep interactions as well as transferring of data in real-time. It is especially useful for stock trading apps, gaming apps, etc. 
  • Multi-User Collaboration: This feature allows multiple users to work on a common task. They can add, edit, delete and update data simultaneously, google drive is one such example.
  • Integration of IoT: This feature is useful in collecting real time vital data using sensors and transferring it to the users or admin. Several IoT devices are connected with the apps via the internet.
  • Live Order Status: This feature keeps the users aware of their orders. They can know when will their goods be delivered to them and if there are any issues in the orders.

Why should Businesses Embed the Real-time Features?

Highly EngagingThe apps with real-time features enable high engagement for a number of reasons. Firstly, they mimic real-world behavior. Secondly, the real-time features allow the users to chat or call using the apps. They can easily connect with people. Also, the push-notification feature informs them of the latest offers, new products, etc. which entices the users all the more. Real-time features give a personal touch to the apps which helps to enhance customer relationship management CRM).

Enable Multi-taskingUsers can simultaneously perform multiple tasks like they can place an order while making an audio call to a friend. This is an enriching and engaging experience for the users.

Gathering Important DataReal-time features help in gathering vital data like the status of the orders, live location of people, etc. Also, while working on a project in collaboration with others, users can share files and documents, thus gathering important data.

Connecting in a Better WayThe users can connect with their friends or other professionals or people having similar interests through live-chats, video calling, etc. with ease. They can share live locations and gain the exact information. This also gains their trust and improves the customer retention ratio.

Final Words:A full-fledged app that has real-time features is certain to gain popularity amongst the users. Today’s users are addicted to using such new-age features. As a result, start-ups, small or large enterprises, from diverse industrial domains are developing applications with real-time features. So are you in this race?

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Written by Ash Rakars

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