Top 5 Places to Visit on Your Kerala Tour Package

Kerala is green, calm and peaceful. The verdant and lush greenery in this south Indian state is immensely calming. The cool hill resorts with expanses of tea gardens on their rolling sides to the wide and expansive network of creeks that make the world famous backwaters it all makes

Kerala has something to offer to everyone. Tens of thousands of tourists are known to visit Kerala from all corners of the world. From seeking Ayurvedic rejuvenation to making loving memories on their honeymoon, people from US, Europe, Middle East and Australia are known to visit Kerala every year in huge numbers.

Let’s check out the top 5 places to visit on your Kerala tour packages from View Holiday Trip Pvt. Ltd., Delhi:

1 Munnar – Heavenly Hill Station

Munnar is one of the most popular hill stations in Kerala. It has an immensely cool climate and is situated atop the hills, reached through a wondrous maze of winding roads on the numerous hillsides.

When to visit – 

Between October and March.

What to see – 

Tea Plantations – It is simply hard to miss the tea gardens that seem to cover almost every part of the hill slopes. With over 80,000 tea plantations in the area, you get a heady mix of misty valleys teeming with lush green tea plants as far as your eye can see.

Spice Gardens – Munnar is also filled with traditional spice gardens. The fertile slopes of the hills provide an ideal ground for a huge variety of spices to grow. From peppers to clove to a plethora of traditional Ayurvedic medicinal plants these gardens offer guided tours for visitors.  

Traditional Martial Arts Show – Kalaripayattu is one of the oldest forms of martial arts which originated in Kerala hundreds of years ago. You can see the skillful and thrilling demonstration of this indigenous martial art at Munnar.

Honeymooners especially request the Kerala trip package to visit Munnar for its panoramic beauty, and immensely romantic atmosphere.


2 Alleppey-

Alleppey is definitely on top of the Kerala tour package offered by View Holiday Trip Pvt. Ltd. It is famous for its expansive and winding backwaters. This makes it immensely popular amongst honeymooners from all parts of the country and abroad. It is also called as the “Venice of the East” and Alleppey offers immensely calm and peaceful times with your loved one.

When to visit – 

Between September and May

What to see – 

Alappuzha Beach – The Alappuzha Beach is unlike any other. It is surrounded by clean and serene sea with fine light sand. It is one of the top choices of honeymoon destinations in India.

 Alappuzha Lighthouse – The Alappuzha Lighthouse, built in the 1860s by one of its residents, is another popular tourist attraction near the city. It is open to visitors between 3 to 5 p.m. and offers an exciting view of the expansive ocean.

3 Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary

The Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the top destinations on tourist maps of Kerala. It is filled with a wonderful and diverse flora and fauna which reflect the region’s beauty adequately. This is one of the most commonly visited places on our Kerala trip package.

When to visit – 

Between October and May.

What to see – 

Periyar Lake – The Periyar Lake within the sanctuary area is the perfect spot to enjoy boating with your loved ones. The majestic hills surrounding the lake along with the expansive verdant forest makes it one of the most scenic spots in the region.

Kumily – Although Kumily is a small town located near Periyar and Thekkady and is renowned for the vast cardamom plantations that surround it. The immense greenery and the numerous old temples bring nature lovers and pilgrims in huge number to this spot.

4 Kumarakom

Kumarakom is a sleepy and serene hamlet situated on the shores of the great Vembanad Lake. It is one of the loveliest tourist locations that is filled with a wonderful variety of local flora and fauna.

When to visit – 

Between September and May.

What to see – 

Kumarakom Backwaters – The Kumarakom backwaters are also a popular tourist destination. You can rent a comfortable house-boat and spend your time relaxing in the calming water.

5 Wayanad

Wayanad is considered one of the most scenic places in Kerala. It is rightly called as the Land of Heavenly Trails as you witness the graceful and majestic beauty of the rolling hills with your own eyes.

When to visit – 

Between October and May.

What to see – 

Meenmutty Falls – The Meenmutty Falls is a truly splendid tourist location in Kerala. It contains the famous waterfalls which makes it a thrilling destination among tourists from all over.

Chembra Peak – The Chembra Peak is not only popular for the heart-shaped lake which is set atop it, but is also the highest point in the Wayanad region. It is the perfect spot for honeymooners to spend a night and day.

Kerala has a wide variety of national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, rivers, hills, forest and backwater to make it popular among nature lovers. The same lush and verdant environment also attracts thousands of newly-weds to spend enjoy their honeymoon in this paradise in the south.

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Written by Neha Reddy

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