Top 10 Tips for RV Travel

Exploring new places makes us feel better and when you travel with your family and friends, the trip becomes unforgettable. A solo or duet trip is easier compared to family tours. Group or family tours are a little messier because you need to carry a lot of luggage throughout the trip.

RV can help you a lot in your next family trip if you want to avoid countless problems during travel. No matter if you are traveling abroad or just want to hang out the countrysides; you can book an RV anywhere if available.

RVing is fun but if it is your first trip via RV then you must need to follow a few tips and tricks for a smooth vacation. Get useful pieces of advice from RV drivers if possible, may attend an RV show or watch tutorials online which are no doubt easily available on the internet.

Once all set to begin your RV ride now you should pack up and hit the road. The best things of an RV tour is that you will get into the wild easily, camp under the light of stars, enjoy around the bonfire and even sleep in the coziest bed of your RV if the weather went wrong.

I have listed the top 10 tips for your RV travel and am sure these tips will help you in enjoying your RV tour at best of your convenience and comfort.

1. Do Better Planning

Planning makes the tasks easier to perform and thus you must have a blueprint before going on an RV ride. There are tons of vital information and guides available online. Magazines, travel guide and tourism board’s portal can also help you in doing the same.

Unplanned tours bring inconveniences and will surely exploit the journey. Few must to consider things while making the plans are mentioned below:

  • Have a map of the route
  • Traffic rules may differ thus keep it also in consideration
  • Use GPS navigation

2. Take Breaks

RVing is fun no doubt but a safe ride must be your priority. Taking breaks through long drives may help you in preventing fatigue, headache and body pain. Taking breaks and stretching during drives can revitalize you.

Falling asleep while driving is one of the major causes of fatal accidents and you must also make an effort to avoid this. If you are driving the RV by yourself you must switch the driving seat to others in a few hours, stay alert while driving and have light meals.

3. Never Travel in Bad Weather

The size and the mass of RVs are comparatively larger than a car or jeep and hence it is more fragile to bad weather conditions. Worse weather conditions will not only harm the vehicle but also the folks on the board.

It will be better to delay the trip for a few days than to risk yours and your loved ones live. Multiple weather conditions including storms, tornadoes, heat waves, heavy rainfall or snowfall can cause severe damage to the RV and the peoples inside.

Weather forecasts may be wrong and thus you must be prepared for bad weather. I have listed a few tips on how to drive safely even in bad weather:

  • On a snowy road: Slow down, avoid tailgating, turn into a skid, avoid taking a break on a turn
  • In foggy conditions: Turn the fog lights on, slow down on sloppy routes
  • During rainy conditions: Slow down, don’t drive through flooded areas
  • Heatwave: Avoid direct sunlight on the body, had enough water, better insulation inside the RV and of course medicines

4. Thoroughly Look for the Plans Before Booking RV

Many of us just took a quick view of the plans and terms during booking the RV and all these happen due to overexcitement. Take a brief look at the plans and choose the suitable one for you.

Make sure you read thoroughly the terms and only say yes after understanding. If you are unable to understand anything, ask the travel agent or any eligible person.

5. Reserve the Campground

Making a campground reservation not only ensure a proper campsite place but also assure the availability of other arrangements. As for example, you can get enough space for parking your RV, building a camp and other activities after reserving the campground.

6.Kitchen Supplies

You will definitely not find a grocery store in the wild or at the seashore or even if you will find one then it isn’t necessary you will find all the kitchen supplies you were looking for.

Before you hit the road make sure your freezer is working and the eatables inside it are in good conditions. You may think to buy groceries or other supplies from a nearby store of your campground but in my opinion, you should stock kitchen supplies earlier.

A small list of kitchen utensils to carry with you on an RV ride listed below:

  • Proper pans
  • Pots,
  • Containers
  • Compact grill and barbeque
  • Oven mitts and cap opener too

7. Medication

A well organized first aid box is a must-have thing on an RV ride. If you are taking your kids (and definitely you will) to the RV tour then keeping proper medics becomes necessary.

You must also take basic toiletries including soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, combs etc with yourself. You should also carry bug sprays, mosquito repellents, ointments and other related kinds of stuff.

8. Pet Supplies

Taking your four-legged partner with yourself on an RV ride will be great thing. Your dog will add some new and exciting moments on your trip and that’s why it becomes your prior responsibility to take great care of it. Few things to carry for your pet during RVing listed below:

  • Food
  • Water bowl
  • Doggy bed
  • Food  bowl
  • Pet towel
  • Biodegradable bags

9. Don’t Forget to Take Basic Tools

Carrying a few middle size multifunctional tools can help you in fixing and adjusting lose parts on the go. Even small malfunction on the RV can cause big problems and hence you must be prepared to fix those things.

List of few tools to be carried on an RV tour:

  • Multiple sized sockets,
  • Ratchets
  • Wrenches
  • Screwdrivers
  • Pliers
  • Hammers

10. Money and Documents

Improper RV documentation is a thing to worry about while RVing. You shouldn’t also forget to keep other documents such as your identity cards, emergency numbers, maps, and other related items. Keep money and credits cards too.

Final Note:

Many of us don’t even have a single experience of RV tour. If you are also one of them then you must try it this time. The concept of traveling in a multifunctional van is great and it makes it possible to create best memories while exploring new places.

RVing is fun no doubt but you must also follow few tips no matter if it’s your first or seventh RV tour. I have made a small effort to create a worthy list of top tips for RV travel and I am sure you will find it helpful.

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Written by Suraj Kumar

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