8 Cool Things To Do In Karachi At Weekend

Karachi is a really famous city of Pakistan in the global village due to it’s ethnically, linguistically, spiritual & religious diversity and it was the prehistoric humble town of the fishermen. Its architecture in the old city, magnificent, breathtaking landmarks, famous beach points, venues, restaurants, crowded markets or food streets, cultural institutions, monuments and further plenty of things make this city able to receive modest huge amount of international or the local visitors each year with the cooperate of the affordable PIA Ticket Price, that feels proud to provide services for the Karachi from all around the sectors. No doubt, the vibrant and the sprawling city is the gateway of our country because it serving as the guardian of country in the course of trade and it a roaring urban economy that sustains the homeland with its large seaports. In the city of light, you can major 8 cool things to do at this weekend and design your trip completely exciting and fabulous.

  • French Beach Picnic Point:

The stunning French Beach point provides the cool breezed, calm environment and pretty beach with the lots of thrilling activities such as: scuba jumping, surfing, swimming, cruising, windsurfing, kayaking, remote sea angling and stunning surfing the openings. It is perfect to maintain the picnic day amazing and wonderful by getting any cabin among the 95 on the lease and you won’t believe that is the area has no floating water but it has strong electric energy. You also can make incredible amusement of the night on the rocky sand. The pure, color water is good for the snorkeling and further activities. So, just hire a hut to stay there and play with the beach that really attractive sight in the Karachi.

  • Karachi Safari Park:

Karachi Safari Park is situated in Gulshan-e-Iqbal with covering 265 acre area. The privately funded amusement park has lots of things to see and do. In this zoo almost 470 animals are found. The best time to visit this wild animal park from November to the April. This time zone, gives you the comfortable wind and you can move around hassle free. In fact, the safari bus ride and tour guided all the relative information regarding this park. You cab geared all viewing scenes and even facilitate too with the Chairlift, safari track, natural swan lakes, Aish vicinity, the breathtaking green area for the children. You also allure with the food stalls and the ice creams stalls that are really very yummy with the hygienic ingredients. But, you should care you child while visiting the wild area. This sight is the authentic eye view experience of the natural wild life with the facilities.

  • Sailing At Marina Club:

Marina Club is one of the famous attraction sites in the Karachi and it is located in the Defense Authority Phase. It provides relaxed, pleasant experience to the visitors and the especially protocol given to the Arm person. You can come there with your family, friends or someone special to spend the few quality hours because it will make updating you with fresh thoughts by their picturesque fresh view. The majority of the visitors with the Lahore To Karachi Flights reservation, book the cruise with the dinner in advance through the online procedure, and land on the Karachi airport just to enjoy the any celebration, event or for the picnic day in the cruise ride. On the other hand, you can hire the boat and polish your thrilling skills.

  • Dolmen Shopping Mall:

The Dolmen Shopping Mall is located in the Clifton. It is the biggest Mall in the Pakistan. This Mall is perfect for leading the national or international brands in the home country. You will find there all your international food franchise with the hygienic taste. This Mall is the example of the revolution in the fashion retail brands. It is actually the mixture of the international and the national fashion, brands of food, clothing and all the items that you can buy at one door with the enjoying furnish and luxurious floors. You should visit this retail landmark in Karachi to meet any kind of brand without any hesitation.

  • Tomb Of The Quiad E Azam:

Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was the founder of the Pakistan and his tomb also situated in the Karachi. This tomb is facilitated with the huge amount of the visitors without any break and it is proud to Karachi.

  • Hilal Park:

Hilal Park in Karachi is the equally famous among the kids, family and the adults because it is the complete green area for the jogging, walking and children playing in morning or evening. In this park, more than thousands of multiple flowers that spread the sweet fragrance in the Entire Park and fresh air add more taste in the breathtaking environment.

  • National Museum:

Without visiting the museum, the weekend trip is not completed. The national museum in Karachi consists of the 11 galleries that boost the artifacts from the ancient Indus Civilization to the modern time, coins collections and manuscript of the Holy Book. It also exhibited the diverse range of the painting, sculpture and Pakistani culture. All visitors get more information about the Pakistan old time.

Tantalize Your Taste Buds:

Karachi city is the famous due to its food collection and it holds variety of the delicious food menu that no one can deny it. The food menu includes,

  • Spicy roasted Fish.
  • Sindhi Biryani.
  • Halleem.
  • Chicken Chutney Roll.
  • Bun Kabab.
  • Prawns gravy or fried Prawns etc.

All above wonderful things are perfect to explore Karachi in a Weekend. If you follow exactly the Karachi itinerary then you can utilize maximum tour.

Best of Luck for the weekend!

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