Benefits of IoT In The Home Improvement Industry

Technology has always played a positive role in human life. It all started when your ancestors invented fire, and then the wheel. Kindly note, that the transition from eating raw meat to roasted flesh must have taken a thousand years. Similar is the progress with the wheel. But after the 20th century, innovations and inventions began to happen at a fast pace. The introduction of the internet, computers hastened technical discoveries by the dozen. And the rapid strides in technology was not only limited to the computer industry, but to every part of human life. Even home renovation. In this article let us focus on the benefits of IoT in the home improvement industry.

First, let us discuss the Internet of Things

In a very short form, the process is the description of the connection of physical devices around your home to a common system or server to share data. And the most beautiful part is that it can be controlled.


For example, you have seniors at your home in Bangalore who has restricted movement problems owing to their old age. So, you have installed smart home electronic appliances in your home. Now, they can switch on and off the lights in their room using their mobile as an IoT device. And since you have installed a smart lock and CCTV at your home, they can grant or deny access as per the requirement. They need not even open the door, but speak to the delivery person or stranger via the CCTV camera. So, did you understand the example?

Let us look into the other benefits of IoT in the Home Improvement industry –

1. Responsive Services from Appliances

Since the appliance can be modified to a specific setting, it can gather and store data. And in the future, it can act as per your need. For example, you have a smart thermostat to modify room temperature. On the very first day, you modified the settings. The appliance works on the process of machine learning. In other words, it can learn on its own. The appliance has been programmed to observe and learn.

So it automatically switches off when there is no one present at home. When you come home after a hard day’s work, it switches on to the right temperature.

2. Convenience

Switching on and off the lights, activating the ceiling fan, or checking if the washing machine has completed the task – these are all manual tasks done every day in a normal Indian home. But when the washing machine is a smart model and connected to the IoT, you can receive an alert on your mobile if the washing activity is completed. Or if you want the washing machine to stop even though not at home, you can send a text message.

3. Save Energy

In recent times, it has become common for every home appliance manufacturer to design a model that will save power. And even before ten years, the same advertisement used to be seen on Television. But in recent times, more advanced features have come for smart home appliances. You bet. In the recent models which have been designed as per the IoT, you will save energy.

4. Save money

Let us imagine, you, a Pune resident, have gone to a mall to purchase cooking household items. You have checked the smart fridge in your home. And then made a list of the cooking items as per the requirement. But somewhere, you have lost the list. Now, what is the next step? Easy, since the fridge is a smart appliance, open the app, and then identify the list of items to be purchased. This is another benefit of IoT in the home improvement industry.

5. Remote Control

Let us imagine, in an unfortunate situation, one of your family members have met with an accident. He is bedridden for days. Now, if you have installed the smart home appliances, then you can modify the settings. For example, you can make the blinds close at 6 pm when darkness creeps in and open at 6 am in the morning.

Just by his voice, he can ask the smart lights to glow or switch off. He can also ask the tape recorder or the system to play songs. Either he can make the appliances do by his own voice or take the help of Virtual Assistant Devices such as Google Home, Siri from Apple or Cortana from Amazon.


We hope that you have got to know the benefits of IoT in the home improvement industry. And this industry is going to grow by leaps and bounds. Let us give an example of how IoT may function in the future. For example, you have a smart LED TV in your Mumbai home. Unless faced with problems, you will not go for the maintenance service of the appliance. But in the future, models may come which can send you an alert in the form of a text message stating they need maintenance service.

In recent times, when your LED or LCD TV goes on repair, what do you do? You opt for doorstep repair service. Let us imagine, you work as an executive in a company offering services of mobile repairing in Mumbai. At the present situation, you download the app of the best company providing experienced technicians for TV repair service, Mumbai and ask him to fix the problem by coming to your home. At the scheduled time. The technician comes and fixes the problem.

But in the future, the LCD or LED TV may give an alert message to your email or mobile stating that a part is on the way to malfunction and needs maintenance. Definitely, this is one of the rare benefits of IoT in the home improvement industry.

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Written by Neha Reddy

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