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A logo is a graphical symbol that represents a brand, company, or some any others. It is the element that partly determines the visibility of the company. In general, the logo contains an icon that appears in the form of a painting, followed by a slogan or the field of activity in which the company develops. It is, in a way, the representation of the company’s identity. An enterprise needs a neat, practical image to maintain its reputation, all of which necessarily involves the design of a good logo. So you have to create a logo design that can enhance the image of your company.

By entrusting the design of the logo to DesignEvo, you have made a wise choice, which will only be beneficial to your activities. DesignEvo is easy to use with its intuitive interface and offering a wide range of tools to customize. It saves you time and energy when designing your logo online. In the following paragraph, I will explain how it is easy to create a professional logo online with DesignEvo.

First, you need to click on “create a free logo” on the homepage of DesignEvo, and select the type of your company logo.

You can browse a large of logo templates listed and choose one that best fits your brand. You will find that there will be a pop-up window to enter the name and slogan of your company. Of course, you can also skip this step.

The toolbar on the left is all you need to customize the logo template. To start editing, click on the logo component you wanted to edit.

The toolbar at the top is all you need to edit the logo and text. To start editing, click on the logo component you wanted to edit. First, you can choose an icon that will serve as the basis for your logo among the wide selection of icons. It will then be time to modify the text fonts of your logo. It is also possible to add the shape to decorate the icon according to its harmony. At last, there is a background button that will allow you to change the background color in just one click.

Whether you want to check your logo on your business card, letterhead, websites, T-shirt, or something else, you get a simulation with the preview function. Once you are satisfied with the final result, you can download the logo. The design will be downloaded in vector format formats if you choose a plus plan.

We all know that making a logo when you’re not a graphic designer is an adventure. With DesignEvo, I believe that you will easily get inspiration from 9000+ predefined templates and design a unique logo by your own. By the way, it’s important to keep in mind that creating a logo for your business is an investment and that it must be unique, meaningful and timeless to make it easier for your customers to remember and understand.

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Written by Neha Reddy

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