Dubai – The Second Homeland for Indian

Do you realize that the population of Indians in Dubai is increasing year by year and you wonder what exactly they are doing in one of the most visited cities in the world? Their numbers are increasing, and its people do say Dubai is their second home.

For the sake of those who keep asking a question or are curious as to why Indians choose Dubai as their second home, we will give clarity to your curiosity as we advise you read through the article.

Proximity to India

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Just in case you don’t know, Dubai is easy to access for most people because of the transportation means in place. One of the reasons you find Indians in Dubai is because it is very close to Indian. Indian to Dubai is just about three hour’s flight, and with the city hosting a lot of interesting places, it is such a place too hard to turn down.

Dubai is close to Indian. Indians love to visit Dubai because it has the best geostrategic position for business and trading. India has a lot of well-known investors, and with Dubai just three hours away, they can easily get into the city and invest in whatever they have interest in.


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How exactly will you feel when you get to a place, and you are not welcomed? You take your leave. Yes, that’s exactly what you are going to do. Indians feel safe to get I and out of Dubai without any risk. Dubai gives rooms for people all over the world to come into the city and invest freely.

No wonder the population of expats in Dubai is filled with Indians. They felt safe and secured to invest in any of the investment going on in the city which is why it is referred to as their second home.

Capital Gain & Luxury Real Estate

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Most people that visit Dubai from Indian are for business. The reason for that is because they are aware of the market value of the city and more confident of capital gain on any investment. Indians floods Dubai because they are fully aware of the fact they will make a profit from their investment in Dubai luxury homes.

Most of them have more than one investment in the city, and one of the things I’ve noticed about them is that they love to keep close eyes on their investment which is why they choose to stay in Dubai.

Tax haven

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One of the turn off of investment is a tax. Most people don’t go into business investment because of the huge tax they have to pay to the government. It has been a major reason why many people don’t go into investing in one business or the other.

However, the case is different in Dubai. The government has given tax haven to people in which they can go on with investment with little or no tax to pay. Most of my friends in Indian find it hard to invest in their country because of the Tax rate.

And considering Dubai is just three hours away, and they can easily come in and invest, they make good use of the opportunity and spend their money in the city investing in all kind of business.

Center of tourism

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This isn’t to Indians alone as most people come around the world for tourism. Dubai has lot of attractive and nice places where you can spend your time observing some exclusive infrastructure and visiting some places such as Palm Jumeirah and the safaris.

The truth of the matter is that Dubai isn’t the second home to Indians alone, there are others from a different country that have turned Dubai to their home, but the difference is that Dubai is more populated by Indians and that’s because of the proximity. They are the one in the helm of affairs of Expat investment in the city

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