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September 24, 2016

What Makes Watch Dogs 2 More Lighthearted and Creative Than the First

Watch Dogs two already appears to be a unique beast compared to its predecessor: its light-hearted protagonist and spirited setting evoke a stronger temperament, and its distended hacking choices produce much more artistic, aborning gameplay moments. For those that felt unsuccessful by the primary game, these new changes directly address several of the shortcomings that infested it, however the explanation and background behind implementing them paint a way a lot of attention-grabbing image.

We recently got the prospect to take a seat down with Watch Dogs two director Danny Belanger to in brief discuss the new direction of the sequel and address the considerations that have [...]

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September 24, 2016

Halo 5 Dev Teases More Content -“A Few Different Flavors of Goodness”

It seems like Halo 5’s Anvil’s bequest enlargement, that came out earlier this month, might not be the Xbox One game’s final piece of add-on content. In its latest weekly report, developer 343 Industries titillated that “there’s additional production on the Halo five front.”

“We’re not done simply however,” the developer same. “Various groups here at the studio area unit onerous at work winding up a couple of totally different flavors of goodness, and we’ll be talking concerning all of that and additional within the close to future. i’m notably excited that half.”

Anvil’s heritage [...]

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September 24, 2016

Post-apocalyptic game The Uncertain asks “what happened to humans”

The NVIDIA SHIELD delivered quite an few spectacular wanting exclusives recently, most notably PAVILION. Adding to the Shield’s ranks is that the unsure, a fresh post-apocalyptic journey game solely for the NVIDIA SHIELD.

While most post-apocalyptic games show United States what the planet is like for the few humans troubled to survive in it, this game takes a unique angle. Humans area unit gone entirely. Instead, the planet left behind is one dominated by robots, in associate degree Earth wherever humanity is alleged to possess wiped itself out by its own hands.

The game puts you within the electronic shoes of AN engineering golem that finds itself interested by the [...]

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September 24, 2016

Mafia III: Rivals pre-registration goes live, arrives this October on Android

2K Games can publish this production game, wherever you play the role of the boss. Heading your own crime family, the target is simple: Be the largest and most bad-ass crime lord in New Bordeaux! Stealing, cold-blooded murders, and running numerous rackets square measure all a part of your everyday ‘work.’

Make sure that your characters/members square measure well equipped with the correct tools like numerous gear, weapons (guns, knives, knuckle duster, etc.) and things (body armor, the works!). sensible issue there square measure vehicles to assist your gang cowl a lot of territory on the means.

Gameplay can involve recruiting up to forty totally different crime [...]

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