Why Should You Develop Your Mobile App for iOS First?

If you are a mobile app development company in Bangalore, you will encounter this confusion all the time: should it be an app for iOS or Android? Most application developers have been working hard to figure out which is the better platform to develop their applications for. While some claim that Android is a good platform to start with your application, many people believe that there is no platform like iOS if you plan to release your application. If you want to test run your application, most developers would suggest doing it on iOS. Why is there increasing closeness to iOS? Why do people or most developers feel it is best to develop applications for iOS before you start with other platforms?

Here are some reasons why you should develop your mobile app to iOS before you can expand it to other platforms.

Developing a practical Easy App

No developer can deny the fact that it is very easy to develop applications on iOS compared to other platforms. iOS is not only environmentally friendly but also user friendly platform developers. iOS and Android share the same coding language but iOS has a relatively better development environment and tools compared to Android. Perhaps a developer tool that makes iOS very popular with application developers.

Say you want to set the GUI. It will be easier for you to do so by using the tool iOS app developmentcompared to Android development. All you need to do is lay out the interface and link builder objects needed in the code. Not only easy, but also quite save time. API for iOS has been around longer than the Android which is why you will find their documentation and other resources easily available.

Target massive & High End

When you create an app for iOS with leading mobile app development companies in Mumbai you ensure that the application gains popularity. If your app was released on iOS first, the application reaches the high end of those known to act as influencers. Your range is good and so is the word of mouth, if you have developed an application that is attractive and user friendly. early adoption of any higher application on iOS compared to other platforms. So, if you want to give your application is good enough popularity, and market through influencers, your best bet is to develop applications for iOS. Not only users proactively but their feedback includes issues and good points about the application.

Paid Apps Work on iOS

Let’s say you have developed an application that requires users to pay to download. It will be popular on iOS compared to Android. The reason for the application on iOS that is popular even when you are asked to pay for them, while Android appears when the application becomes free for everyone. Not every Android users will want to pay for the applications they want to download. Even today the majority of mobile app development that work on Android are the ones that can be downloaded for free. But, it is not the case with Android. There are even applications that are to be paid for will survive and become popular. The paid iOS apps can even generate revenue they aspire to.

Not Many iOS Devices

While we have millions of Android devices doing the rounds among users, there are only about 9 device that works on iOS. IOS-based test applications and fix bugs will be easier than with testing and fixing bugs on Android devices. You will see that Android is based on some devices, with varying specifications and bases. This is the reason why you will find it difficult to make and fix application for Android. iOS has 9 devices, not too varied in structure, and it is easy to test and fix bugs here.

Influencers and Decision Makers Use iOS

Even if Android is doing a lot of business, you have to remember that iOS products are considered to provide a status symbol. No, it’s not just because of the price tag attached, even though it is one of the main reasons; it is also because of the way a particular device has been positioned. Perhaps this is why when you develop applications for iOS, you reach the big one.

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Written by Ashok Kumar

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