How Should SMS Marketing Be Done, and the Opening Rate Be Doubled?

When I mentioned that I had to do SMS marketing, many people told me that you can’t do it. Now, Facebook and Whatsapp and other social media apps are so popular. Who is still reading SMS! And how many people open SMS and can’t count it, so-called SMS marketing, but it is white money. These remarks have deeply convinced me that SMS marketing service is effective.

But it is undeniable that, at present, text messages are still a necessity. When registering for a platform, we will receive a notification SMS. When logging in to financial products, we will receive a verification SMS. When we forget the password, we will receive a reminder message.

Nowadays, SMS marketing is exuding its unique charm with its precise and must-have features. As long as we ensure that the mobile number is available, our SMS marketing will be delivered to our designated users.

The charm of SMS marketing is so unique, why is it criticized by many people? After entering this line, I deeply studied this issue. SMS marketing has two major pain points: 

First, there is no guarantee that the authenticity of the SMS number needs to be sent, and the SMS operator charges according to the article. This is like buying a bag of apples, the bag is black, and there are several broken ones that cannot be eaten. You don’t know, so Apple is cheap or expensive. 

Second, people are being bombarded with information every day. How many people can notice that they have received new text messages?

The first problem we can’t solve, because the phone number is provided by the customer, and it is massive, it is not always possible to dial the verification one by one, it is much more difficult. The second question we still have a lot of room to solve, that is, the problem of low SMS open rate.

SMS content editing method

I don’t know if you pay attention to it, the verification code class information, in addition to the text message, and the way of mail, will we open the mail to see the verification code? No. Because the verification code is edited at the forefront of the message, we only need to look at the message box that pops up. Similarly, we must follow this principle when editing text messages: put the user’s attention to the front.

SMS sending time

For first-tier cities, Monday to Friday is a working day, and the time for sending text messages is preferably 7:00~8:00, 11:30~13:00, 18:00~22:00, during which time people are Take the bus or eat, have enough time and patience to pay attention and read the text message. On weekends, people get up late and are suitable for texting after 11:00. This is just an example of a first-tier city. If your city has its own rules of work, then follow your own city.

SMS data analysis

We were unable to get the open rate of the text message, but based on the short URL we embedded in the text message, we can see the URL’s access. ADNSMS‘s data analysis is powerful, which is why I chose to use it. In the back of its data, I can see that the link in my text message was accessed so that my marketing report has real data, which provides the basis for the next marketing. 

In fact, the above two points, the content is appropriate, the effect of SMS will not be too bad, the essence of SMS marketing is that consumers receive information and respond, we occupy the time, location and people.

Here are some common SMS templates

[xx Securities] 

Dear Mr. Mr./Ms. Hello, the xx products you purchased in our bank have earned xx xx. The current market is highly volatile. I suggest you redeem it for the time being! If you need to call 000-000-0000, I will be happy to help you. 

[xx Mall] 

Dear xx,  xx big discount! xx mall xx, xx, and other products 7.8 fold discount during the holiday season, all xx prizes can be won by friends who are spending more than xx, look forward to your arrival! 

[xx shop] 

Pro, your goods have been shipped through xxx, the express delivery number is: 000-000-0000. Please keep your phone open for a few days, in case the courier will contact you in time. I wish you happy shopping and look forward to working with you again!

[XXX hairstyling shop] 

to welcome the new year, 13 new hairstyles will be launched in the spring, and to thank the new and old customers for their love, the store discount surprises, and the store membership card has more surprises. Welcome to call 000-000-0000


Conceived home, small profits and more, a simple price of 23,800 packages: bricks, doors, cabinets, sanitary ware, flooring, paint, waterproof appliances, and hydropower transformation. Call: 000-000-0000 Manager.

[Brand name] 

Dear Mr. xx (Ms.), Hello! Recently, the store will hold a special event [name of the specific model/event], the event time is [activity time], welcome to visit with your family again! Tel: 000 -000-0000, the address is: [store address].

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Written by Md. Mejbhaul Alam

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