Edit Your Videos Online With FlexClip, A Super Simple Editor

Do you want to make a beautiful video fitting with all the pictures you’ve taken on holiday? So you can show them more easily to your friends? It seems to be a fantastic idea. But you do not want to overwhelm by all kinds of cumbersome programs and want to do everything right on your browser? Then, online video editing sites are particularly useful when we do not want to install a program or app that allows us to proceed. Even if they are not on par with an editor, online services that allow video editing can lead to a good result.

In this article, you will find a convenient online service, FlexClip, that allows free video editing in minutes but also allows you to do it in high definition.

The merits and drawback of FlexClip

FlexClip is a free web service that allows you to quickly, easily create beautiful videos, movies and slideshows. The merits of this service are more than enough, such as the ability to make video cutting easily, the presence of a whole gallery with licensed music, a huge number of different video clips, the ability to export a square Instagram video, and of course a finished file of high resolution for free. The only drawback is that the basic transition function is not available now.

Steps to edit your video using FlexClip

  • To gain access to the editor, you must register an account or log in.
  • Once on the start page of your personal account, click the “Create New” button.
  • In the window that opens, you can choose from professional video templates for various purposes, including featured videos, business videos, and personal videos.
  • If you would like to upload your own material, it is also available to start from scratch. So you can click the ” +” icon of the storyboard and upload the pics and videos that you want to use for editing.
  • Now, you can easily cut the video, split it and adjust the mixing of videos & pictures until you make the whole storyline combination more smoothly.
  • You are free to customize your video as you wish by using the features, such as adding caption texts, add a logo, record a voiceover, and even upload your own watermark, etc.
  • We all know that music is everything for an attractive video. So you can click the “Music” icon and select the desired music from the PC. Besides, it is also possible to use the compositions from the library of the FlexClip service.
  • You can use the “Preview ” button to see the final effect.
  • When all things are finished, click the “Export Video” button on the top right panel. You can select your preferred resolution for the final file, including 480p, 720p and even 1080p.

Final Words

FlexClip is quite a simple tool that is well suited to those who are just trying their hand at editing a video. If you need to edit a video quickly (for example, cut or add music on a video, glue together a few frames, and so on), you can just try out FlexClip for such simple tasks. If you need not only to edit video basically, but also to add effects, transitions then you should use more complex programs, such as  Adobe or iMovie (for iOS and Mac).

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