5 Great Alternative Software Tools to Envoy and Getveris

Traditional modes of visitor management that involve receptionist and paper logs are long gone. Nowadays, majority of the businesses are adopting visitor management system for streamlining visitor flows as well as securing and safeguarding the facilities. There are many visitor management software that caters to the needs of enterprises of variable sizes. In case, you are looking for alternatives to visitor management software like Envoy and Getveris, then you are at the right place. In this article, we offer you with the best available alternative options to Getveris and Envoy.


piLOBI obviously is a pioneer when it comes to offering affordable visitor management solutions. It is a flexible, versatile visitor management system that maximises the front desk efficiency. The system automates the visitor sign-in process and enhances the safety and security of the workplace or the facility. piLOBI enables companies and employees to save day to day task of managing the visitor related tasks and thereby makes the front desk one of the productive points of the organisation. The software features multilingual capabilities and supports more than 90 languages. The software features a flexible and responsive framework and is compatible across multiple platforms and devices.

One of the core features of piLOBI includes real-time host notifications that serve to intimate the host of the visitor arrival via Email or SMS. The platform facilitates printing of customised visitor badges and allows to include company logo and branding. The software also prints QR codes on the bottom of the visitor badges and allows the visitors to scan the code on their recurring visits for faster check-ins. The VMS also captures visitor images, digital signatures and stores them in the cloud. The data can be easily retrieved with a single click. In times of emergency, piLOBI sends notifications to the guests residing in the facility via SMS and assists in effective emergency evacuation management. The visitor management system also has the ability to schedule and generate visitation reports on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Further, with multiple export options, the data can be easily interpreted.

Stand out features of piLOBI

  • Cloud data storage: All the data is stored in the cloud and can be easily retrieved when needed.
  • Multi-lingual support: piLOBI supports more than 90 languages and the visitor has multiple language options to complete the registration process.
  • Real-time host notifications: piLOBI sends real-time host notifications to the host when the visitor arrives at the facility.
  • Multi-platform compatibility: The visitor management software is compatible across multiple platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows.
  • Visitor badges: The system allows printing of visitor badges with details and hence the employees can easily identify them.
  • Visitor facial capture: Facial recognition helps add visitor images to the check-in process. The software recognises the facial features of the previously visited visitors and helps bypass multiple check-in processes.
  • QR code scanning: There is a QR code printed at the bottom of the visitor badge. It assists in faster check-ins during recurring visits.
  • Authorised visitor entry: The visitor management software permits only authorised visitors to enter into the facility.
  • Customisable reports: piLOBI offers multiple options to generate reports in various ways tailored to your needs and requirements.
  • Detailed analytics: Inbuilt analytics gives a clear picture of visitors present in the facility.
  • Multiple export options: All reports can be exported to CSV, Excel and PDF formats for easy interpretation.
  • 24X7 customer support: piLOBI features a dedicated customer team that is available to resolve customer issues.
  • Monthly and yearly subscriptions: For user convenience, piLOBI offers various plans under both monthly and yearly subscriptions.
  • Affordable pricing plans: piLOBI features four different pricing plans: Basic, Premium, Premium+ and enterprise. All these plans are available at affordable prices and do not burn a hole in your pocket.


The software modernises the way businesses or establishments receive and manage visitors. With Visipoint, the access permissions are defined and enable guests to enter the areas that are granted access by the system. They cannot enter other sections of the facility without appropriate authorisation. The dashboard feature also allows pre-registering visitors and book appointments. It thereby minimises the administrative burden as well as accounts for faster check-ins when the visitor arrives at the facility. The visitor management software also features Events, group and club sign-in feature that facilitates easy check-ins and check-out for groups rather than processing the check-ins by individuals.

Condeco Visitor Management:

Condeco visitor management system serves to simplify the process of managing the attendees and visitors. The VMS can be integrated with underlying security systems and accounts for faster visitor check-ins. The software grants instant access to reception to access visitor details and update the information anytime. The important features of Condeco include printing visitor passes, hosted visitor management, and sending invites and notifications. The system offers a comprehensive view of visitor information along with the exact location of the visitor within the premise anytime.

Easylobby :

Easylobby is an automated visitor management solution for organisations. The system very well captures the guest details, the purpose of the visit and keeps a close watch on the visitor movements within the premises. The software features smart pre-registrations, wherein it sends the emails before hand. The emails feature unique barcodes wherein they can be scanned at the registration desk or kiosk. The visitor management system also facilitates quick on spot visitor registration. All a visitor needs to do is enter the complete details including the name, contact information and the system prints visitor badges. It allows for easy identification by the employees inside the facility. The system also eases the process of visitor registration for recurring visitors by including their Biometric information in the Easylobby visitor database.

Dwelling LIVE Visitor Management:

The cloud-based visitor management system features an easy to use interface that is quite easy to set up and control. Dwelling live Visitor management is an easy to use secure solution that is designed to meet the needs of organisations of varied sizes. Authorised users can very well view the real-time information and manage the guest lists accordingly. The visitor management software has tools to manage telephone entry systems without the need to install additional software. Using this technology, tenants can remotely control access to visitors. The tenant can speak directly to the visitor and thereby grant access or deny entry via a simple phone call.

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