Challenges of Internet Marketing

The whole world is going digital. Look around yourself and compare this time with 5 years ago, what do you observe? Internet marketing is really expanding its arm at very high speed. According to the latest global digital report by Hootsuite, the internet has crossed the line of 4 billion people.

But with this massive global change in marketing trend, huge devastation of businesses have also occurred. Majority of the people are just starting their digital world because of the scope and benefits of internet marketing, they might’ve heard somewhere.  Whether you might owe any local business, blog, digital business or even a big organizational sector, with lack of research and planning, you won’t be able to make money for a long period of time!

However, there are some of the most common and chief mistakes people commit and you should definitely beware of that.

To grab the attention of people, your website should be attractive

Organic traffic through searched keywords is considered as the ultimate source of sales. It totally depends on the rank of your website. Even, every strategy including social media marketing, email marketing etc. have the same motto, to improve the rank of the website. But just imagine the user’s experience who has landed on your website, which has no attractive templates, dozens of unarranged data and also a slow upload rate.

•    Always, try to add more colors with bright contrast. and images related to your content by which the website will look more attractive and engaging.

•    Around 60% of searches are being done by mobile users. Don’t forget to make your website device friendly. It’s huge, people don’t like any type of interruption between their digital journey.

Lack of proper schedule

Improper posts will never turn your business into a trustable brand. People usually think that the number of posts, the more will be beneficial for business. I am quite sure that this fact will clear your doubt- According to the research of Track Social, “The engagement with your post will decrease with the increase of posts per day.” You need to represent your product 7 times to build trust. But use this number wisely, there is no need to hurry! Make an unbreakable promise with your customer (about the frequency of posts.) and follow that with heart.

Ignoring the power of email marketing

Email marketing is one of the ancient parts of internet marketing. A large number of people think email marketing is a cliche and noneffective way of generating revenue. Start building the email list, this is the factor which totally depends on the number game.

More email = More revenue

Send personalized messages, every time you send emails. It is more engaging and also provide personal satisfaction. Amazon has really experienced a great jump in its sales after using personalize emails.

Internet marketing proves that the crowd is not always responsible for competitions. The points shown above shows that people make their own barriers. Perform more planning than implementing steps. Correct strategies, perfect planning, consistency, and use of an online email extractor for email scraping from any websites are enough to stand your brand apart from the crowd.

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Written by Ashis Kumar

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