Create a Website Which Will Be Loved By Your Customers & Search Engine

There is a major mistake that is often made by the businesses and is that SEO is optimizing their sites by the expense of their customers. Have you ever visited a website to see the product and the services of that website, only see great content of the website is poorly designed? Due to the poorly designed site, it will be the exit of you’re from that site.

Here are the five steps which will help you to avoid those mistakes and to create a website which will be loved both by search engines and your customer. They are as follows.

Step 1: Try to understand your customers:

First, the owners of the business tend to design the website in such a way which attracts the customers toward itself, because the attraction of the customers will help you to sell your products.

And also, try to make the design in such a way that as they enter your site helps them to stay where on your site to communicate with you.

So it is very important to understand your customers.

Step 2: Don’t use work of art:

It is not necessary to have your website beautiful. Try to put useful things on your site which target the audience.

This is not to say that your website to be attractive or to have work of art on your site. Try to focus your energy on such things which help you to improve your brand and attract your customers.

Additionally, improve your brand with the help of professional design because it is very important to have a well-managed brand designing.

Step 3: Create purposeful and well-written content:

The purpose of your content on your site is to inform the reader and is not that to attract the search engines. Try to writ well-write and purposeful content on your site. The contents which are not well written and have poor purpose turn off the reader on your site. As a result, it will be a very great loss to your site.

Try to write those contents on your site, which have some purpose, well written, unique. It will help the customers to read, and more customers will visit your site.

Step 4: Provide Easy To Use navigation:

Using friendly navigation is a key that helps the customer to find the thing easy on the site what they want.

And one thing is also very important to include a sidebar in your site and put some things in the side menu it will help them to find the things easily rather than to search things one by one and open that. So this technique will really help your customers to find things easily what they want.

Step 5: Measure And Improve:

Once you have put all these things in your site, measure the result by determining the key performance indicators. If you have to check your search engine page ranking, then understood how these rankings are given to improve your site traffic.

In short, you have to measure all these things, because these all things are very important for a site to get more traffic and customers.


If you follow the above steps to create a website, then it will be loved by your customers as well as search will help your site to improve its page ranking and will get more traffic. If you want such a site to create for your business website design company in Dubai is here to help you.

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Written by Neha Reddy

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