Top Trending Fabrics Prints and Weaves of 2022 Based on Global Sales Data

The fashion industry is one of the most diversified and dynamic worlds which changes in the blink of an eye. The trends keep coming and going. One day it is organza that everyone from celebrities to locals will be seen wearing and the next day it is silk. Despite a worldwide epidemic, fashion has never stopped, and its remarkable ability to reinvent itself has also been demonstrated in recent history. The fashion world is evolving with the advent of new fabrics.

Each one of us wants to have a new and different look just like Anushka Sharma created a trend of pastel lehengas with floral embroidery, Yami Gautam and Dia Mirza wore a traditional red saree. Looking out for this season, pastel colours and unconventional designs are a big hit this season. Earthier blossoms, along with a blaze of neon, will give the year a more profound look. This season’s eclectic mix of designs is creating a lot of excitement among the crowd.

Most manufacturers try to keep up with the upcoming trends and all of them use global sales data to check the consumer’s buying patterns. A few of the patterns of the fabric according to the Global sales data are:

  1. FAUX FUR:

Faux fur is one of the most trending fabrics with an expected rise of 18% in consumption. Big fashion houses like Versace, Gucci, Burberry and Michael Kors are shifting their focus on using more sustainable alternatives than the actual fur, thus decreasing the number of animal killings. ‘Modern luxury involves being socially and ecologically responsible,’ quoted by Burberry CEO Marco Gobbetti in a statement. Faux fur clothing is here to stay for the upcoming years as it is more affordable, kinder and durable. Not to mention it keeps you warm also. Faux fur collars are on the top of the trending list. Moreover with the change of season one can see an increase of 4.3% in leopard print fabrics. Evening gowns have begun to include the iconic leopard and cheetah prints that dominated Victoria Beckham and Dolce & Gabbana’s designs.


A global sales report says the demand for printed fabrics like floral prints is expected to grow by at least 9%. Luxury silks in various formats will be available for fashion enthusiasts. Even though they are often associated with spring and summer, deep and earthy shades are expected to flood the market this year even in winters.


Embroidery is a crucial part of the fashion industry. Earlier plain fabrics were in trend, this year embroidery is making a comeback. This year’s embroidery trends are in line with the bohemian trend, dominated by floral, organic patterns in a feminine colour palette. This trend is expected to grow by 3.3% in the coming years. Therefore, a high-quality embroidered piece of fabric will continue to stay in trend for a long time. Also, there are so many kinds of textiles available with different kinds of embroidery.


When your elders say fashion trends are coming back, that’s the truth for neon shades. Fashion followers can see a rise of about 8-10% in neons returning to your clothes. With trending designers like Balmain, Balenciaga, and Prada, the wardrobe can be boosted with a splash of colour without looking overdone. Bright and cheery clothes are always in demand.


Last but not the least, one of the fashion trends that is continuing from the last season is organza fabric. Sarees have a beautiful digital printed blouse, same goes with lightweight and sheer floral-printed organza dupatta. Lace is an age-old concept which is hitting the charts once again. Tops, tunics, dresses, blouses, everything is having a beautiful lace work these days. Few of the dresses are made totally with lace fabric only.

Across the globe, fashionistas are influenced by forecasts of upcoming trending fabrics. It’s all about colours, patterns, and other design elements to inspire people to be prepared for this season’s fashion, whether they purchase something or make something themselves. Fabcouture. will bring you one step closer to all the upcoming fabric trends. See you soon.

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