Businesspally Inkle EAT Factors for your Website

Content marketing is getting more complex everyday, while there are more people that go into this profession, there are more garbage when it comes to content reliability.

Digital journalism is well controlled, however, Google has stood up to filter contents written by professionals from non factual contents.

This birthed EAT: which simply means Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.

Since EAT has now become an important ranking factor, we would like to introduce you to some helpful SEO measures so that you are on the safe side with your website when it comes to EAT.

EAT Ranking Factors for your website

  • Informative and editorial content

Content is king! According to businesspally, your content is the most important thing that is evaluated within the framework of EAT.

Your articles should be comprehensible, entertaining and informative.

Your articles should not only be unique and readable, it should be fact based, and not misleading.

If large amounts of information are presented, they can be enriched with images and videos so that not everything has to be prepared in text form.

Very important: check your content according to the four-eyes principle to avoid mistakes.

The existing articles and contributions should also be updated regularly so that the content is always up to date, chaktty advised.

  • Author box with photo

Not only the authority and trustworthiness of the entire website is evaluated for EAT, but also the individual contributors.

Google want to make sure that only experts in a particular discipline should be able to write articles on such field, therefore, articles written by known experts are given priority to rank in SERPs.

Surely,  you would trust a post from an accountant when it comes to your tax return than a post from an intern who has just spent a few hours researching the subject.

That’s what Google thinks too. For this reason, it is recommended to add an author box after each text, Techpally marketing agency boss advised.

Google would now be able to follow authors and their corresponding contents on the internet.

When more articles from a particular author is given more credibility by users, Google take note of it and increase the EAT of that specific author in their algorithms.

It is common practice to include a photo, name, contact details, position in the company and a brief description of your professional career.

  • Hgh-quality backlinks

In order for Google to classify your website as trustworthy, it should have backlinks from reliable websites. Here the saying goes: quality before quantity.

 It’s better to get one link from a government institution than hundreds of low quality forum links. 

A lot can go wrong at this point, which is why we recommend that you get advice on off-page SEO from a professional link building agency, Techpally can be helpful here.

  • Optimize pages – Reduce bounce rates

If your content has a high bounce rate, it is a signal for Google that the search intention of the user is not being satisfied.

Look at the pages with the highest bounce rates, analyze the content on the pages and optimize it.

You don’t notice anything? Talk to us! A content audit or usability optimization often helps to significantly reduce the bounce rate of individual pages .

  • Improve overall SEO

Google uses over 100 ranking factors when ranking , and EAT is just one of them.

So bring all other SEO ranking factors such as page speed, Google Core Web Vitals or metadata into shape to signal Google that the website is being maintained.

  • Respond to comments and ratings

Regardless of whether the feedback from your users is positive or negative, you should not leave any comments or ratings unanswered.

Offers appropriate solutions and addresses user problems. 

With positive feedback you can simply say thank you for the great rating.


The EAT model is one of the most important ranking factors and should definitely be considered. 

Websites from the YMYL area in particular can only achieve long-term good rankings on Google and other search engines if the EAT-SEO factors are taken into account and the measures are implemented.

What do you think?

Written by CHT Staff Writer

CHT (Chanuhacktricks) is an independent online publication that is a voice to the world of technology and marketing. Every month we reach over 10 million passionate technology enthusiasts who rely on us for news, reviews, features & product recommendations, etc.

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