YouTube Marketing: Use Simple Videos to Drive Traffic

YouTube is one of the most powerful platforms available for making your presence felt in the digital world. It is used for video sharing, mostly, but the 3rd most visited website in the world can double as a strong medium for boosting website traffic if used properly. What you will need to make this medium work is the perfect strategy.

Why target YouTube?

  • YouTube has billions of free YouTube subscribers. These and many more who have not subscribed visit the platform on a daily basis. This is not mean once you consider it being targeted towards your business. This video-sharing platform is backed by Google which means all your content automatically gets linked to Google and people using the right keywords on the Google search bar will also be traced to your website or video. It will also get shared on all the other social media platforms once it gets indexed in Google. This promises huge potential for your business in terms of growth and popularity. The popularity of this platform even prompts people to buy YouTube views or even buy YouTube subscribers
  • YouTube itself works like a mini search engine so you can also get your videos found on YouTube for the right crowd.
  • For success on this platform, you don’t just need a lot of likes and shares alone. You will also need a strategy to get found by the right people and focus on quality rather than quantity alone. Most people associate YouTube and the success on it with cool videos with their children or some hilarious event that would make people laugh. But there is more to YouTube than just that.
  • When used properly it can help you build a rapport with the potential customers and you get an opportunity of understanding them and what they are looking for in your products. Vice-versa they can also understand what your company or brand stands to offer so that when they reach your website, they have a sound knowledge about your products. This is a great way to get prompt conversions.

How the call-to-action works?

The call-to-action is considered the most important step to attracting customers to your website. Watching the video is the interesting part but what next? Don’t let the viewer move on to the next video in line! Your video must tell the viewer to go to your website and also relay the process in which he should and most definitely why he should visit your website! The why-part, of course, means what is in store for the customer which also translates to some freebie that will be awarded for going to the website. This can be a free consultation, report or software application. The viewer also needs to know why and how this freebie is a must-have item that can change his prospects.

The call-to-action must include all these points and be compelling enough to make the viewer go to your website for it.

What strategies to involve?

Once you have mastered the art of creating a call-to-action now check out some of the useful strategies that you can employ to enhance your YouTube traffic.

Telling people what to do: 

Most YouTubers overlook this tiny detail of informing the viewer how to get to your website and why. Running a simple one-liner at the end of the video is not impressive and the consumer might just overlook it. Use a voiceover for the purpose, preferably before the video ends and tell people that if they want more useful information or videos, etc they can reach your website. Many people prefer to use this tactic twice before the video ends to give the viewer a better impression and also engage him on YouTube for a longer time.

Using the video description box:

While uploading a new video YouTube gives you the opportunity of adding a description to the content. This can be a useful thing for increasing the traffic to your website because it shows up in the results in the search engine. It is also something for the web crawlers to stay hooked to. You can use keywords in the description for added advantage and also add the link to your website.

Call-to-action overlay:

This is a little box that comes up on the lower end of the video. It is an important feature that is used very less but can be extremely effective. The content of overlay can be according to your requirement along with the thumbnail image and the link which you want viewers to visit. This can be set up from the advertisement section of YouTube. The overlay is another reminder to the viewer in addition to the description box and clear instructions to visit your website.

The above-mentioned tips when used properly can successfully guide traffic to your website and create more conversions and also understand how to get more views on YouTube.  

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Written by Neha Reddy

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