Critical App Development Mistakes that Could Ruin Your App

Nowadays, mobile apps have become goldmines for businesses. Haven’t they?

Whether interacting with potential and active customers or promotion of products/services or revenue generation through sales and marketing! Everything is effectively possible using a dedicated and customized mobile app.

Consequently, enterprises- small or big- are largely using the mobile technology to meet their business goals. No wonder why so many mobile app development services are popping up across the globe at a fast pace.

Moreover, hundreds of new mobile apps are getting launched in the market regularly. But why just a few are loved by the users?

Before we dive deeper into it, let us understand the app development process. It is a time and money intensive process involving budget management, choosing the right technology, handling the team of analysts, developers, testers, etc., designing a marketing strategy, etc. The companies need to think carefully about every step while keeping in mind the purpose of the app, its advantages to the users, its scope of improvement in the future, etc. But, even a few mistakes during the app development can ruin the app and cost a fortune.

So, how does a company ensure that its app is an outstanding one that outwits others?

One of the best ways is by avoiding the common mistakes a mobile application development company makes. So, let us have a glimpse of them in detail.

Top Mobile App Development Mistakes that a Company must avoid 

Not doing enough Market ResearchResearch is the key step in the success of an app. It is imperative to do thorough research on elements like:


  • Need of the App in the Market
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Analysis of Target Audience and Potential Customers
  • Latest Trends
  • Brand Posting
  • SWOT Analysis


Google research isn’t enough. The companies should conduct surveys or even consult experts before starting the development. It will help determine the right track to an impeccable app and also help your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) to hit the right place. Market research will help you know how your buyer’s persona and the USP will go hand-in-hand to develop the perfect app for your target audience. Excluding market research will be the biggest mistake a company can make.


Developing an app for Many Platforms at a TimeIt is highly tempting to reach a large number of users in one go and you may attempt to build your app for multiple platforms. However, without knowing the customer response, you may not be able to do justice to your app and the hard work your team does. You may release the app on one platform, get the customer feedback and imply the changes accordingly and then release the app on other platforms. Building the app for several platforms will take a longer time and involve more money as well.


Designing a Poor UIThe user interface design forms the first impression on the users. A good mobile app must always be backed by a great UI. It should have decent color combinations of the pages. The symbols, font size, buttons, icons, etc. should be placed correctly. This will make the app look attractive, help the users navigate through the app with ease and thus enhance the customer satisfaction. However, a bad user experience can do the exact opposite and ultimately affect the revenue generation. 


Integrating Irrelevant or Too Many FeaturesFeatures are crucial to make an app useful and attractive to the users. However, some companies may complicate the app by adding unnecessary features. Bad features or too many features will confuse and annoy the users. It can force the user to kill the app faster because of unconnected features. So, make sure to only include the features which meet your business objective and are relevant to the users. Developing an MVP i.e. the minimum viable product is a wise decision so that you can add the features after testing the scope of the app in the market.


Creating an App that Uses a Lot of SpaceMobile phones have a limited storage capability and these limitations must be considered during the app development process. Developing an app that consumes a lot of space can be one of the worst mistakes. Users in the first place may not install such bulky apps looking at the size or such apps can be uninstalled by users without a second thought. To ensure that the app is of smaller size, optimize the web assets, reduce unnecessary code, reuse resources, breakdown the APK, Compress PNG and JPEG files, etc.


Inadequate TestingTesting the mobile app holds pivotal importance in the complete app development process. A dedicated team of quality analysts must evaluate the work done by developers. They should test the app from various perspectives and fix all the bugs before its release. Rushing through this phase can cause a blunder leading to a failed product.


Not Designing a Good Market StrategyHave you designed a good marketing strategy?How will your target audience know that your app exists?Will your app reach maximum user retention?


Well, all the app development efforts can go in vain if a good marketing strategy is not in place. A sound marketing strategy will lead to the broad awareness of the app, ensure more downloads, avoid future uncertainties, and promote the app successfully.


Neglecting the UpdatesReleasing the app in the market is not the end. To ensure that the app reaches the heights of success, it is essential to continually meet the customers’ expectations. It must be updated from time-to-time to increase its life span. One must collect the user-feedback and accordingly work on improving the app performance and features. These improvements must be released in the market in a timely manner through the updates.




Designing and developing a mobile app is not an easy job. An in-depth understanding of the business, the sound experience of app development and best testing practices are necessary to develop a flawless app. Along with that, whether you are developing the app yourself or hiring a mobile application development company, you should not ignore the above-mentioned parameters.

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Written by Ash Rakars

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