2020's Tips to Develop eCommerce Websites

One of the most significant concerns for any businessperson is anticipating the coming trend.

As society keeps changing, so does the business conditions. Similarly, eCommerce was once an exceptional development, but at present, it is a large marketplace that impacts businesses all over the globe. Furthermore, eCommerce allows those businesses with a limited budget to start on their own and prosper.

The market waits for none, and if you can’t grow with the developments, you might find yourself blanked out. And for that, we need to keep an eye on how the market changes. To avoid the fate, learn about the latest eCommerce website development trends and hire an eCommerce web design company to serve your purpose.

Here, in this article, we are going to share the 2020’s Tips to develop eCommerce Websites to help you stay up to date!

  • Mobile-Friendly Website

We all know how important it is to make your eCommerce site mobile-friendly. Numerous visitors browse your website, navigate pages, choose products, and make payments on smartphones and tablets.

And not only increase in sales, but people depend more on mobile payments as these have become more secure, and easier, as well.

According to Statista,

“In 2021, mobile e-commerce could rake in some $3.5 trillion and then make up almost three quarters (72.9 percent) of e-commerce sales.”

So, investing in mobile-friendly eCommerce is definitely a smart and long-term business decision for every business.

  • Page Design & Optimization

Traditionally, the homepages are the storefront of an eCommerce. Hence, the optimization of the page is a must to make the visitors feel comfortable.

Though, the recent trend is the visitors directly land on the internal product pages from the search results. Hence, the latest eCommerce website development services include product page design and optimization product descriptions, useful articles or videos, etc.

Therefore, both the homepage and product pages deserve more attention to optimize them to offer your visitors a more interactive experience.

  • Video Descriptions of Products

While buying something (especially product), we prefer to know as much as possible about the product. However, online shopping might limit a thorough review. Therefore, the visual product description is more favored by customers.

As shown in a study, 85% of consumers between the age group of 18-34 have purchased a product or service after viewing a video.

Hence, in 2020, adding video descriptions to your products will spur purchases.

  • Physical & Virtual Shopping Experience

Earlier, eCommerce came out as a competitor to traditional retail. Soon after that, the conventional offline retailers accomplished the potentiality of online sales, and many of the businesses are on the web today.

The eCommerce website developers can also identify the opposite trend as well. Businesses that started online are now stepping into the brick and mortar marketplace.

In other words, businesses are now aiming at extending both online and offline shops for their customers.

  • Unique, User Generated Content

Though businesses can promote their brands across different social media platforms, users often find the ads monotonous, annoying. On the other hand, authentic content has a notable impact on the viewers. As surveys show, consumers are 2.4 times more likely to consider user-generated content more authentic compared to brand-created content.

Influencer marketing is also a popular way to offer some unique content to the readers, but they find User Generated Content (UGC) 9.8 times more intense.

UGC is generated not by a hired influencer or the company itself, but by the satisfied consumers of the brand. Hence, people prefer to trust genuine content.

Therefore, motivating customers to write reviews, take pictures, make videos, and mentioning your brand, is one of the most significant eCommerce trends to follow in 2020.

  • Voice Search

The accuracy of voice identification equals to 95% today. In 2016, 1 of 5 mobile searches were made via voice search, which is supposed to rise to 50% by 2020.

As smartphones have become an integral part of our lives, it plays a vital role in SEO and promotion. And, with the new technologies advancing, eCommerce web developers have no alternative but to integrate Voice Search.

As a result, businesses need to optimize their eCommerce websites for long-tail keywords, offer new content, etc.

  • Selling Through Social Media Handles

Almost all of the eCommerce businesses use social handles for marketing, to some extent. However, social media platforms aren’t just helpful for increasing customer engagement, but as the retail platforms that allow intended buyers to buy products directly from the social profile, without visiting the retailer’s website.

  • Chatbots And Private Messages

It is common among customers that they ask several questions before buying something online. Usually, these questions are some common, clear questions. Thus, businesses employ chatbots and artificial intelligence to serve their purpose.

Further, a lot of buyers expect to get some more favored opportunity offered by their favorite brand, like –

  • 24/7 available customer support
  • quick and prompt answers to most frequently asked questions
  • assistance with payment methods, delivery guarantee, working hours, etc
  • accumulated client testimonials

With artificial intelligence, systems grow more complex. But this is going to be another must follow the trend in eCommerce development in 2020, you can’t avoid.

Build eCommerce website On Magento

As we know, the coming eCommerce trends have a profound influence on technological advances. Further, the importance of mobile devices continues to play a significant role in driving traffic and successful conversions.

If you consider launching an eCommerce website for your business, consult an eCommerce development company for Magento. The eCommerce web developers consider Magento as the easiest CMS to work with, and it is SEO-friendly, robust, customizable, ideal for sales, and easy to edit.

Discuss your opportunities for creating an eCommerce site, don’t hesitate to contact a Magento eCommerce development company.

The specialist eCommerce web development company with years of experience will create the most engaging online presence for your business.

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Written by Archana Singh

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