Top Tips for Effective Email Marketing in 2018

Internet has taken over almost every business of the world and it is continuously making them better and bigger. Having an online presence of your business can easily help in broadening your audience base by a great margin while saving a lot of money which otherwise would have been spent on traditional marketing techniques. In the past few years, the online competition has increased greatly as maximum of the business are already present online while others are on the verge to shift online. This has really made is essential for businesses to follow techniques that help them to win the market competition easily.

There are many ways in which you can promote your brand like social media marketing, search engine optimization, pay per click marketing, display advertisements and email marketing etc. Out of all these, one of the oldest and most effective ways of business promotion is email marketing, which is all about sending promotional emails to all the potential customers for boosting website traffic and business sales.

Surveys have proven that emails are one of the most checked messages on web. So, you need to make sure that your marketing campaign is perfectly planned & organized. Here we will see the top tips and trends for effective email marketing in 2017.

1. Use Of Attractive Yet Faster Loading GIFs

GIF or Graphic Interchange Format images are one of the most widely used visuals on the internet today. These are basically bitmap images but these are not static as there is a continuous look of a small video clip or slideshow in these images. GIFs have proven to be highly engaging and eye-catchy images in the past few years and their usage has been continuously growing due to their advantages.

Brand promotion through emails also has been utilizing GIFs lately and these have certainly proven to be successful. From displaying offers effectively to making people click on your website, these images are surely a great option. Static images are good but moving images can be a quick attention seeker as they convey a message much better. So incorporation of these in your promotional campaign is surely a great choice.

2. Flat Design Emails

Flat website design stayed in demand for years as it provided a much better look and feel of the websites. The web pages used to be fresh, openly spaced, crispy edges, bright colors and two-dimensional illustrations, which made it functionally robust and faster loading. This design was then adopted into emails as well, because it offered everything required to make the email engaging and effective.

These clean looking emails with vibrant colors and easily understandable style, proved to be quite useful in seeking traffic to the website. So you need to utilize flat style for better results.

3. Keep It Beautifully Concise

Earlier emails used to be descriptive, where everything was mentioned in detail & audience used to go through it completely. This was a time consuming task which could easily shut away the users. But now the scenario has changed as the emails now are kept as concise as possible and things are explained easily with visual content such as images, GIFs etc.

As no one likes to wait in today’s time, the more your email will be understandable when viewed, better the results will be. You need to design emails in such a way that the beginning of email tells the story right away. If people go ‘wow’ on the very first look of your mail, your business is surely going to experience profits.

4. Add Something Unique

Emails have been always designed in a simple & traditional method, which has now become quite boring for the users. No one wants to see same kind of things every day. This is the reason why you need to switch from traditional web design to something out of the box. You need to offer something that users can resist to.

Uniqueness is the key to customer engagement as we even love to explore something we see for the first time. So drop traditional design ideas and build an email, which is completely a treat to watch. This will help in better engagement rate and enhance conversion rate as well.

5. Use Master Templates

There are many big as well as small scale companies that use a master template for all their emails. This is because it helps in building better trust and value in the minds of the customers. So if you have been using a particular template for your emails earlier, then stay consistent. If you don’t stay consistent then it is going to be an issue as customers will get confused.

Master templates help in maintaining a standard image of your brand. Moreover creating these emails is much faster and easier process than different templates.

6. Keyframe Animation

GIFs have already proven how effective they are in customer engagement and enhancing conversion rate. But the animations in GIFs are not that smooth as you wish them to be. So for a better impact, you need to use keyframe animations as these are smoother and the frame changes are zero. These animations are being utilized in both android and iOS devices. Various aspects added to the emails are hover effects, linear and parallel movement etc.

7. Use Of Cinemagraphs

Cinemagraphs are a kind of GIF image but with a cinematic effect. These images are available in high definition as well. A Cinemagraph is an image that has a continuous loop running of any activity you do. Cinemagraphs can be extremely eye-catchy & attractive for the audience, thus making the emails more effective.

8. Live Background

Another trend that is soon going to make it your email inbox is the emails with live backgrounds. These emails are going to have changing backgrounds or a looped video that will be played in the background. This is surely going to be a very big introduction as it can make the emails more phenomenal than ever. So you need to understand and know if these designs can be added in your email marketing campaign.

9. More Interactivity In Emails

Support for CSS has been continuously increasing in email clients, which has made it quite possible to add interactive elements to your emails. You can easily see elements such as accordions, menus, countdown timers, integrated forms and stick CTAs for better results in terms of conversion rate and business sales.

10. Searching Functionality

Wouldn’t it be easier for your customers if they could directly search for products or services from your embedded search functionality in email? Of course, it would be really awesome as they will be easily able to find their desired products directly. Better customer experience will result in better conversion rate, which ultimately boosts business sales. So you need to offer search functionality in emails, so that customers can directly find what they are looking for.

11. Dynamic Content

Use of static and dull content in your promotional emails can make the audience feel bored and they can easily unsubscribe to emails. To avoid such situations, you need to provide dynamic content in your emails according to the customer information. Various information like location, gender, age, purchase history, behavior and recent searches etc, can help you in building the perfect email for you. These personalized emails can easily result in more sales for your business.

12. Automatically Triggered Emails

This year you don’t have to write emails for each customer specifically as you just need few tools that collect the user search data and provide them with the related product emails for better chances of sales. These emails are automatically sent right after the user searches for a product. This can help in better results surely.

13. Mobile Optimization

As surveys have already proven that the numbers of mobile internet users are more than desktop internet users, you need to focus on building emails that are mobile optimized. This will help the users to experience a better experience while accessing your emails as these will perfectly fit their screen sizes. Optimizing emails for mobile phones is very essential as most of the tasks done using desktops will be done with mobile phones in the coming future.

That’s A Wrap!

So these were the top email marketing trends that can help you promotion strategy to be more effective and efficient while yielding higher conversion and profits. These trends are going to transform online business promotion completely.

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Written by Vinod Janapala

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