Display Advertising Stats: Top GDN Trends Revealed by SEMrush Study

Display advertising can help organizations and webmasters give additional boost to their campaigns. There are various digital advertising tools available in the market that gives businesses massive reach capabilities. For example, Google’s Display Network can reach over 2 million websites to display your business’ advertisement.

Display advertising, also known as banner advertising, is communicating a commercial message on websites or apps or social media using texts, logos, video, flash, audio, images, animations or other graphics.

Display advertising offers a plethora of benefits to increase your business’s online presence. Few primary advantages offered by this form of communication includes:

Effective targeting, which includes, remarketing, demographic targeting, audience targeting and customer match

Flexible costs, which includes two plans:  Cost per click bidding (CPC)—you are charged for each click on your ads, and Cost per thousand impressions bidding (CPM)—you are charged based on the number of impressions your ads receive.

Measure results—receive daily or weekly reports to keep a close tab on how your ads are performing.

Want to leverage the power of display advertising to generate rapid ROI? 

The recently released Display Advertising Stats 2019 by Boston based SEMrush, which sells online visibility and marketing analytics software subscriptions, throws up some very interesting information about the impact and reach of display advertising.

This data that is the result of survey conducted in more than 40 countries including the USA, UK, Canada, India and Australia among others, gives deep and meaningful insights into the impact of online ads on audiences in the shopping niche.

Key findings of the report

The millennial audience in the 25-34 year age range get the most attention from both ecommerce advertisers and publishers.

•             18 to 24: 12%

•             25 to 34: 31%

•             35 to 44: 23%

•             45 to 55: 15%

•             55 to 64: 12%

•             65+: 7%

Five categories that generates the maximum interest from Ecommerce website visitors as per the report are:

•             Beauty and Fitness

•             Business and Industrial

•             Hobbies and Leisure

•             Food and Drink

•             Home and Garden

Responsive Ads vs. Images

Advertisers and publishers display more preference for responsive ads in comparison to image ads.

In fact, advertisers are even more inclined towards responsive ads than publishers. This is not hard to decipher as responsive ads are more suited to advertisers because they have many products to promote.

Ecommerce publishers show an even preference for both responsive ads and images. It implies they are keen on testing ad formats to determine which will earn a higher click-through rate.

7 Key Takeaways from Display Advertising Stats 2019

Here are our top seven takeaways for ecommerce advertisers:

1. Top ecommerce websites received the maximum visits from people in the 25-34 year age range.

2. 36% of the ecommerce websites’ visitors are likely to also be interested in the beauty & fitness industry.

3. 18% of the audience who viewed the ads from the top ecommerce GDN publishers are also likely to show inclination for the food and drinks industry.

4. Cross-device targeting is important as it helps in even distribution of ad impressions across all devices, in the range of 16-22%.

5. Leaderboard ads occupy the pole position: the 728×90 size ads were the undisputed leader across advertisers in the Shopping niche (57%).

6. The gap between images and responsive ad is significant. 72% of the display ads were from responsive ads.

7. The most popular publishers in the ecommerce industry are,, and Your cause will be well served by adding these sites to your ad placements.

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Written by Vishal Vivek

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