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Pauline Hanson rebuffs to apologize for her comments over children with autism
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Pauline Hanson rebuffs to apologize for her comments over children with autism

by Chanakya KyathamJune 24, 2017

Pauline Lee Hanson, the Australian leader has declined to eat humble pie for her comments about children with disability and autism saying that her comments were “taken out of context” and she was the victim of political point-scoring.

As per Hanson, teachers are devoting much of their time for disables or autistics student, which may negatively affects other students. Hence, there must be reliable special classrooms for such students as they also have right to be educated by all means.  Education experts were quick to censure Hanson on Wednesday for her statement over disability, saying that since the mid-1990s the philosophy of inclusion had been influential in changing Australian education for the better. To Hanson, Labor and Greens MPs also responded. The Labor MP Emma Husar having a 10-year-old son with autism demanded Hanson to apologize.

In this row, Hanson expressed her anger to her critics, saying she had been misrepresented. And she read a transcript of the troublesome comments of her to clarify what she meant of those. She clearly stated that Teachers have not undergone any training session to deal with autistic students and schools have not enough resource to serve children with special requirements. Furthermore, Hanson said that her office had been overwhelmed with supportive letters from teachers and parents overnight.

She expressed her positive attitude towards the physically challenged students by saying that Autism is a behavioral issue that must be diagnosed by family before thinking about schools as schools don’t have such resources or funds to speak those students effectually. All she means to say that parents must be aware of Autism before sending autistic students to schools with lack of supportive classrooms with no special facility to address Autism. Lastly Hanson said that her comments were supported by teachers around the country.

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