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Zombie Derby II splatters its way to the Play Store
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Zombie Derby II splatters its way to the Play Store

by Chanakya KyathamSeptember 24, 2016

There can’t be several higher ways that to unwind when a protracted work week than this. Zombie Derby II is associate action-packed providing from Herocraft that puts you behind the wheel of a Mad-Max galvanized death machine to cruise through the post-apocalyptic wilderness mowing down hordes of the undead.

This 3D side-scrolling shoot-em-up takes its cues from variety of various genres. Stylistically, it feels one thing like Trials, with the sport handling all the steering on the winding track, deed your hands liberated to blast away. It’s conjointly associate upgrader, that means you’ll step by step unlock a lot of powerful vehicles and weapons to show zombies into mince meat.

You must navigate deadly parcel of land and face a gamut of alarming ghouls of variable varieties. you’ll be able to unlock eight totally different cars as well as a large Zombie mix Harvester. There square measure multiple modes of play as well as associate degree endless survival mode and a competitive mode that pits you against friends everywhere the globe. There’s lots of destructible environmental components still that square measure certain to assist you exempt steam once an extended day. No strategy or advanced gameplay here: simply raw, bloody fun.

Zombie Derby II precursor racked up over eight million downloads, therefore this developer clearly has their chops. Zombie plug hat II is liberated to play however contains in-app purchases. Click the button below to induce to hacking through the hordes.

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