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What Makes Watch Dogs 2 More Lighthearted and Creative Than the First
What Makes Watch Dogs 2 More Lighthearted and Creative Than the First
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What Makes Watch Dogs 2 More Lighthearted and Creative Than the First

by Chanakya KyathamSeptember 24, 2016

Watch Dogs two already appears to be a unique beast compared to its predecessor: its light-hearted protagonist and spirited setting evoke a stronger temperament, and its distended hacking choices produce much more artistic, aborning gameplay moments. For those that felt unsuccessful by the primary game, these new changes directly address several of the shortcomings that infested it, however the explanation and background behind implementing them paint a way a lot of attention-grabbing image.

We recently got the prospect to take a seat down with Watch Dogs two director Danny Belanger to in brief discuss the new direction of the sequel and address the considerations that have followed it, like the misplaced promotion encompassing the primary game and also the aging structure of Ubisoft’s past open world games.

For a lot of on our impressions of Watch Dogs two, verify our video preview on top of.

A major amendment to watch Dogs two is its lighter tone and setting, that may be a welcome amendment from Watch Dogs one. however we have a tendency to conjointly saw an identical shift occur in Assassin’s Creed one to two, that garnered positive reception among gamers. Why does one assume a lighter tone was required in Watch Dogs 2? And what regarding employing a lighter tone normally does one assume makes it a lot of desired, a lot of sure-fire to gamers, particularly for AN open-world series like Watch Dogs?

Belanger: i am undecided if it is a formula, except for North American nation it had been extremely vital to convey one thing new and contemporary, thus lots of things stem from decisions we have a tendency to created. as an example, San Francisco is thus colourful in its culture and culture, that the topics we have a tendency to selected simply emerged from that setting. For our new character, Marcus Holloway, we have a tendency to needed him to be different: he is sociable, he is a locality of a gaggle, and he’s employed with a team. Also, having the full Bay space with Silicon Valley created it thus we are able to speak a lot of regarding technology. All of those components extremely modified the method the sport feels and plays.

When you play a sequel you wish it to feel new and contemporary, right? Going from the loner Aiden Pierce to Marcus Holloway, who’s funny, brilliant, and sociable, it permits United States to try and do extremely various things. Like co-op for example: Marcus could be a a part of a gaggle thus it is smart for him to figure with individuals, that wasn’t essentially the case with Aiden Pierce.

Do you ever suppose you will find yourselves going back to a gritty character like Aiden during a future Watch Dogs game?

I’m undecided what is going on to happen, however I undoubtedly suppose it’s nice for players to possess things that amendment during a important manner, thus you are not enjoying an equivalent game 3 or four iterations. For us, it had been the town, the character, the story, and even the sport structure itself: it’s open, it’s free, and also the manner the sport plays is free. we would like to let players specific themselves additional, and we tend to’re extremely attempting to bring one thing that sounds like a brand new expertise supported everything we did within the initial game.

Watch Dogs a pair of is additional centered on making nascent gameplay opportunities than its forerunner, which frequently set out its activities like alternative open-world games Ubisoft has created within the past. Why was it necessary to step faraway from that previous open-world structure?

I think individuals wish to consume associate open world stuffed with creativeness and curiosity. For us, exploring the globe and finding stuff was extremely vital. once you expose an excessive amount of and have a collection structure, you are not extremely finding stuff: you are simply following the principles of the globe. In Watch Dogs a pair of, once you walk into a space and open nethack, you’ll realize stories, rewards, and guard zones; and every one that basically changes the manner you consume the sport. the sport isn’t telling you what to try and do. you are truly finding what you wish to try and do within the game, that could be a extremely totally different approach for United States.

There were high expectations for Watch Dogs one before it launched, principally as a results of gamers sticking onto it a vision of what they wished the sport to be. Did any of that misplaced plug and discontentment felt by gamers have an effect on or inform the direction that you just and your team determined to require with WD two in any way?

Well, we tend to positively listened to the fans and that we scan all the feedback regarding the character, the story, the hacking, and therefore the driving. {there we tend tore|there have been} some things we wished to vary so as to create positive the sport felt completely different. we tend to wished the sandbox to feel a lot of sort of a toy and fewer sure, and that we wished to create it an artless game. currently things will happen and you are not specifically positive however it’s going to play out, therefore you recognize however it starts however not however it ends. it absolutely was additionally necessary to herald that lighter tone to create it feel completely different. After all, it is a sequel; it’s to bring one thing new.

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