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Post-apocalyptic game The Uncertain asks “what happened to humans”

Post-apocalyptic game The Uncertain asks “what happened to humans”

by Chanakya KyathamSeptember 24, 2016

The NVIDIA SHIELD delivered quite an few spectacular wanting exclusives recently, most notably PAVILION. Adding to the Shield’s ranks is that the unsure, a fresh post-apocalyptic journey game solely for the NVIDIA SHIELD.

While most post-apocalyptic games show United States what the planet is like for the few humans troubled to survive in it, this game takes a unique angle. Humans area unit gone entirely. Instead, the planet left behind is one dominated by robots, in associate degree Earth wherever humanity is alleged to possess wiped itself out by its own hands.

The game puts you within the electronic shoes of AN engineering golem that finds itself interested by the long dead mankind. in an exceedingly quest to search out out a lot of regarding them, the sport can have you ever unlock secrets regarding the past because the center character aims to raise the question “Why have humans destroyed their entire race?”

The unsure is out there currently for $14.99, a minimum of if you happen to possess AN NVIDIA defend TV. Its unclear if or once the sport would possibly return to non-Shield devices, tho’ this is often one I in person wouldn’t mind finding out. What regarding you? Share your thoughts down within the comments.

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